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K1ndinux 46P Final from Argentina - personal movistar CTI

Started by juan manuel garcia, October 08, 2007, 06:42:09 PM

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wow.. so great.. its a new MP for E2.. wanna test it after EidulFitri


juan manuel garcia

Unique specs in this FW:
This FW was originally thought for Argentinian users.
Users of Argentina, will have all GPRS connections, mms, MOTOID, Voice Recognition (Spanish, English, Portugueis) FULLY WORKING.

This is quite a STOCK FW, with overclocking and the famous TOOLBOX (REAL TIME SYSTEM STATUS, SWAP MANAGER, ETC).

There´s a new reflash which fix the calendar bug, also, the browser is in spanish now, and also, Voice Recognition still works. This is the first FW that has all this functions fully working without a bug.

You can re mirror to www.e2mod.com from:


Thanks ! and Enjoy.

Pop Box

-Based on Katze3_AE, 46p Revolution and IloveUltimate
-ilove3d Kernel v1
-Apmd on 104/208/416
-katze3 sound quality
-Real time System Info
-ToolBox (Phoneware Moto, System Status, Reboot, ScreenSaver, Setup Timeout, LinkSYS, SD Manager and Refresh Phone)
-Stock system sounds
-Stock bootimage
-Stock Skin (Dance)
-All websessions from Argentina (grps and mms de cti, personal and movistar)
-Spanish voice commands
-MotoID funcinal and Stock games
-Working aplicacions block.
-Browser entirely in spanish

This fw is very fast and light. Working well last 30 hours since the full flashing.  Language selection automatic in portuguese (its multilanguage). The Kaleidoscope (not implemented) replace works fine. The author said that the 46P uses less battery resources. Better than Only You v3, zero bugs! A very good job, thanks to the creator...



I agree with you meu irmãozinho!!! hehsa..

Nice, fast and bugless (hehs) !!!

Do you have some script to replace the kaleidoscope features automaticaly???


tested, very good firmware with not many modds on the personal stuff which makes it easyer to persolanise.


could anybody tell me how to set realplayer for scanning only SD on other firmwares? i don't want to flash for a little one thing ;P thanks


great fw , fast and smooth , hope not taking too much battery as supposed

however, can we include softlock function to this fw, please advise