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The MotoHell Monster Pack

Started by Exploited, March 07, 2008, 02:39:19 PM

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well, most authors don't have E398 anymore :(
any volunteers ?
Beg Moderators first



masta Jemau,

I have E398, i can borrow it. He3XXXX ;) ;) ;)
So you can trial your prototype ?
Where's your location ?


Quote from: JithinSK on May 07, 2010, 03:02:52 PM
Wow, it has been more than 2 years since this MP is released.. Time flies.. :)

Wish I still have my e398. Missing those great modding days.  :(

Nice to see you guys still on it.. Niksy :)

I sure am nostalgic, too :(
For me...best was in 2006th... Maybe because I just started... But there was so many of us then! And all in one place...on MotoModders! Damn, was it great!

Yeah, I'm still at it :D I'm following E398 modding all the time, but I've got an E8 now...
Let's turn back time? :D

ATM there is no plan for MotoHell MP v2. I'm sorry if I disappointed you, guys :-/

Keep on rocking the E398!


NiKSY - you made my remember my old "StarterXP" times... damn :)


Gosh... I remember when I was running home from school just to try out something new that crossed my mind  :P I'm gonna love e398/e1 forever...


afaik, e398/e1 was moddable moto ever... So, we always waiting motohell mp v2... Cheers...