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Motorola L6 totally dead but bootloader is working??(help me please)

Started by orgil, September 30, 2008, 06:43:01 AM

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I tried to flash my Motorola L6 but when operation to flash with flash backup didn't completed properly and i forget to backup my phone...

now my phone is dead!! but boot loader is working....

in the boot loader writen is
s/w version : Not found

how to repair it????
friends please help me!!!!

Sorry my English grammar is bad heehehehehehe...
cz Actually i cant speak English good


Repair will be simple - connect your phone and flash it again, but this time with the proper firmware!


thx very much bro...

but where i can get the proper firmware???


but imei, flex n firmwire not found in my phone,,,,

can I re flash it?

which i choose proper firmware with my boot loader?
please give me explanation about it


thx exploited...

I will try it...

if a something wrong with my phone, i will post questions again ok...


i have same problem with this.. ( software not found ) on the screen whan i entered bootloader.
i'm flashing with original firmware or l6 monsterpack..process is done but problem still not solved..

any solution about this problem..??





please help me
i have a problem some too,but i have L6i
after i flash my phone with pop version
some not be fine,
my phone dead
i have motorola studio repair
but not ambelivebel to my l6i
please help me master modders??