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Flashing Motorola ROKR E8

Started by Exploited, September 11, 2008, 07:33:54 PM

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I would just like to add,

that if ever the flashing fails for some reason:
a. like power failure,
b. corrupt FW,
c. running the flasher on windows in a virtual machine

you can start over again. the rokr e8 is tough to brick, I guess.
for reason c, boot into windows and reflash.



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Quote from: abrawiyudha on May 18, 2009, 04:11:41 PM
hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi. okey men are you

:( :( :( :( :( :( ;D ;D ;D ;D :D :D :D ;) ;) ;) :) :) :) :) :) 8) ??? :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'(

dude, do u hv some problem?

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 Hi... I'm from the Philippines. I'm just new here so I'm just gonna tell my story...
August 28, 2008. I had the opportunity to buy a new phone with the help of my parents. I'm so happy that day, since this will be the 1st time that i would get a Motorola phone and I chose Motorola rokr e8 because the looks of it somehow cool. just by looking at it i was so excited before the day that i will buy the phone. It's so out of the ordinary.
So the day came and adrenaline sets in. I couldn't sleep that night because I was reading, testing, and using my phone. The past few months passed by the only things I've done to my phone is to download videos and convert them to the supported format my phone accepts. And download lot of songs.
I was unemployed and currently seeking for a job and that was the only source of communication that I have.
Once, this December after downloading a song and transferring it to my phone via usb connection I quickly tested it. And the day passed by. Upon waking up in the morning I'm suppose to use my phone to browse my email. Then after selecting the mobile internet icon my phone hanged. Displaying this message on white fonts and black background;
"Boot loader

Battery OK
OK to Program
Connect USB Data Cable"
The following statements refers to the 5 times that this boot loader error has happened...
1. My phone was still in warranty period. So I quickly phoned the nearest and most authorized Motorola service center (Mall of Asia: North wing, Motorola concept store) here in our country. I told them the operations I've done to my phone. And they said that "probably" the problem is in the software. And they said that it's just gonna need what they call "REPROGRAMING". So I quickly went there
and submitted my phone. After 2 hours I got my phone back with everything erased in my phone memory but not my memory card.

2. Two days after, the same thing happened and the only thing I've done was downloaded a song and transferred it to my phone via USB again. I went back there and complained the same problem. They insisted that I leave my phone with them with an unknown period of time when it will be returned to me. They said that they will call me on Friday to what they call "TECHNICIANS" has diagnosed. Friday came and not a single call received from them. So I went there with my parents and they are both disappointed of my situation. We arrived 8pm there 1hour before the closing time. (Goddamn this is really frustrating) The receptionist of the store said that the phone "MIGHT" be replaced with a main board. And I told them that aren't you suppose to contact me earlier that day and didn't happen? And I told them how long the trip is just to get there. And they said, "WEre SORRY SIR BUT YOUR PHONE LINE IS IN LONG DISTANCE CALL" Aren't you suppose to prioritize customers before that? That's very reassuring I said...
So, after 2 months and 28 days passed (around the last week of March) I got my phone back. And I asked them how's the new board working? And they said that they didn't change the board. After that long period you didn't change the board? So what did you do to my phone? I asked... It was under "OBSERVATION" SIR they said... Just under "OBSERVATION" and it took that long? YES SIR she replied. I'm expecting that this would never happen again Miss, I said... She replied "IF THERE WOULD BE A TIME THAT YOUR PHONE WOULD GO ON BOOT LOADER AGAIN, PLEASE GO TO OUR MAIN SERVICE CENTER AT ROBINSON'S PIONEER(MEMOXPRESS)" She was expecting that my phone would be broken again! JESUS MARRY AND JOSEPH! I was so angry that time that i couldn't tell/show her. I just left the store in frustration.

3. A week past by and i didn't do anything to my phone but to text, call and browse the net. Then it went to boot loader again just after receiving a song through Bluetooth transfer! So again I went to the Motorola service center that they told me to go to (So as expected they were expecting my phone to go on boot loader again). They insisted again that my phone remain with them for the next 2-3 days. (The trip from my place to the service center is 2 hours and around 5 dollars for the fair). I had no choice but to do what they said. After 3 days I went back to pick up my phone. So, I got my phone back.

4. And after just a day without doing anything to my phone but to turn it on, It went boot loader again! It was so frustrating! I was about to throw my phone out of the window, but I imagined what punishment I would receive from my parents by doing so... I went back there and they gave me the same service, what they call "REPROGRAMING". I told the Lady that my parents would be furious if they found out that my phone is out again. So I begged that they returned my phone tight away. She said she will ask the "TECHNICIAN". And the technician agreed. After an hour i got my phone back. And I told them my history before them. And I asked them, Will be this be the last time that we will see each other again and i told them how hard it is to get there(I was expecting that my phone won't go out again because of what they call "REPROGRAMING"). She replied, "I DON"T KNOW SIR". That's very reassuring...

5. Right after I got home I received the first message from my phone. Just before opening the message, my phone hanged again! And the same message appeared! I went back the next day (What a waste of time...). The Lady already noticed me and she didn't allowed me to fall in line in the service center just like other else. She quickly entertained me. She already know what's my problem. "SHE INSISTED THAT I LEAVE MY PHONE WITH THEM AGAIN WITH AN UNKNOWN PERIOD WHEN IT WILL BE RETURNED TO THEM" That was May 9, 2009. Surely, she said that this needs its main board replaced. And then I asked, "WILL IT STILL BE THAT LONG JUST LIKE BEFORE  TO GET MY PHONE BACK?" "I THINK NOT SIR, BECAUSE WE HAVE ALREADY ORDERED SOME BOARDS FOR E8 FROM PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS WITH THE SAME PROBLEM LIKE YOURS TO MOTOROLA SINGAPORE" She replied... I said, "SO YOU MEAN THAT IM NOT THE ONLY ONE EXPERIENCING THESE PROBLEMS?" She replied, "YES, SIR". "SO HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THAT WOULD TAKE?" "AROUND A MONTH WOULD BE THE LONGEST SIR". I left the shop with contentment, "I WILL BE RETURNING ON JUNE 9". June 9 came and I quickly went there, only knowing that my phone was still not repaired.(My parents still don't know about this situation) "WHAT HAPPENED!?" I asked. "WELL SIR, ONLY THE PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS WERE REPLACED WITH BOARDS BUT NOT YOURS" And I told them what the lady told me the past month. "IM SORRY SIR BUT THE BOARDS THAT ARRIVED ARE ONLY FOR THE PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS. WELL JUST INFORM YOU WHEN YOUR PHONE WILL BE READY."
My parents still don't know about this. I was planning to consult a lawyer for his opinions. But not until I get my phone back.
Even though Motorola said... "In no event shall MOTOROLA be liable at law or in equity for any special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in etc..." WHATEVER!
I wonder what MOTOROLA will say about this?

What a waste of time don't you agree?

I really want to add new skins for my e8 when I get it back. but Im really afraid that this will happen again...
When I read about the instructions,  I don't understand most of it... I really like this phone can anyone help me to bring new things to my phone without any errors? I mean can anyone isntrcu me by step by step. Im really noob at this... Help me. THx




is there any way to flash without losin memory??? Cos I really have some messages that I want to keep, but i have not found anyway to backup my messages as well.. Anyone have suggestions?

Oh and is there any other way to install skins without flashing?




Quote from: dhs1lrox on July 20, 2009, 03:43:42 PM

is there any way to flash without losin memory???


Quote from: dhs1lrox on July 20, 2009, 03:43:42 PM
Oh and is there any other way to install skins without flashing?

Plants vs. Zombies



do i need to flash first my e8 before i can install themes or skins???


thank for the links! now i can start modding my e8! :)


i flashed my E8 but its not turning on just a lightening comes and goes off.
plz help