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synchronising with outlook 2007

Started by jack1488, August 29, 2008, 08:50:22 AM

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Are there any programs to synchronise the E398 with Microsoft Outlook 2007?

I've tried 'Motorola Phone Tools Deluxe'  and 'Mobile Phone Tools 4 - Bluetooth Version' but they don't work.

Any ideas anyone?


Mobile Phone Tools are synchronizing your Windows Address Book. From that point you can sync your Outlook with the address book and you are ready


tried Mobile Phone Tools.   It works with Outlook but not Outlook 2007.   Any other ideas?


When you export the address book from outlook express (in .csv for example) then you will be able to import it in any other program (incl. O2007) :)

Well it aint be a real-time sync and you will have to export>import>export>import>... on each edit :(