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Qtopia for E2

Started by Exploited, August 20, 2008, 11:09:22 PM

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August 20, 2008, 11:09:22 PM Last Edit: August 20, 2008, 11:11:28 PM by Exploited
Now qtopia works on E2 ROKR (as well as E6 but a lot more complicated there). Check out the tutorial and download the package at http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/276/28/



to those donĀ“t know what it is Qtopia: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qtopia

but... what are the real use and news functions of Qtopia???


it's like a new OS for your phone :) There is whole branch of applications for Qtopia


Great!! thankz, i gonna test it


Thanks for share buddy. I will test it asap. :)
Best regards,
Jeffri H.


greatttt i cant wait to test... i try but i can do it work hahaha XD


i dont get it??? i've been watching videos aboute Qtopia is very interisteng but i cant find any difference with any e2 fw... so what's new with this??? we cant use the wi-fi cuz e2 doesn't have the hardware, that sux!!
so again what's the difference between Qtopia and any e2 fw??


It's a brand new OS, i believe you know what Linux is because of E2 and now, it's like you have a MacOSX computer and you install Linux on it, now you will have Linux apps on your Mac (that's the main porpuse having QTopia apps, which are more than E2)


i got that, but still i dont see the difference cuz is like emulating this new OS on the e2 right??? unless somebody could make a fw based on qtopia...


steel00 - that's not gonna happen :) Still qtopia works pretty well and we must enjoy...


Thumbs up for the modders who made it run. Awesome.

guys, what about the performance? As far as I understand, Qtopia is running over E2 Firmware...

And, what about phone calls/sms/contacts?


thx exploited ;)

@Taurnil: Everything works fine sms and calls i didnt tried running mp3's.. btw you cant use camera when running qtopia.. that's my case cuz i didnt find the camera icon tu run it hehe


Some things still do not work but overal it's very good :)


omg that's so cool...
I wish all the FW could be changed to qtopia... the performance would be better ^_^
Tomorrow I'll find a new E2... wish me luck >.<


Luck Taurnil, i'm crossing my fingers for you.

JOKE: If you don't find one i'll send you one part by part by email jeje