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[E2] MAXX 3 4AP

Started by fade2black, August 10, 2008, 12:23:56 PM

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not really, this mp not consume lots battery. check your battery. maybe theres problem. (like i do, i m overcharge my battery, and the battery cannot stays a day in standby mode.)

and for chinese input, thanks qiang!


by the way, i have a new problem now.
i cant backup my phone using keaglez's backup tools.
when i execute any option in the backup tools program, it always back to its main menu and i cant exit the program even i kill it in task man.

i tried reflash the firmware several times and the problem still occurs.
what must i do? its the software or the hardware problem?

i think i must change my phone now......
hmmmm how about e8??


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Quote from: ugie on October 11, 2008, 11:16:48 PM
Sorry for stupid question..How to change music key/itunes key function like joystick center,coz if i press music key/itunes key is to task manager..before i use maxx 2 and this things not happend..sorry for my bad english..Thx..

flash with navOK kernel.

Thank you..this is really work for me..


why when i try to refresh media its take a lot of time after an hour i cancel it......


4 qiang......thanks....ur tutorial really great...it works...now my e2 with maxx3 and chinese inputable:)
4 dunia.gs......try 2 check the linksys....if the linksys enabled then disable it......hope this will sole ur trouble

right now enjoying the modded maxx3.......just trying best apmd that efficient and fast...hahaha:)

thanks 4 all of you:)


Quote from: fade2black on August 10, 2008, 12:23:56 PM
MAXX 3 4AP by 3-D


The main differences from MAXX 2:

1. Tested within 1.5 months and all OK
2. Added video art and AstaRoth Vilko (320 * 240) and the application of T3D CameraEdit
3. Added Fotorenamer, lightsensor
4. Deleted E2SneS
5. Skinedit works with standard skin
6. Skins do not come back after removal
7. Flexbit (Bluetooth detection always-on / 5 minutes)
8. annex Startup (himself wrote)
9. Fonts now even more - 25
10. Returned a system of sounds, right now they r / w area, and therefore they do not need to mount to change but simply to replace
11. Corrected the bug can now be split card (direct mobility) for FAT16, FAT16 + SWAP and FAT16 + SWAP + Ext3 all mounted
plus skins can be put to Ext3

DOWNLOAD: http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/272/26/

a complete description in the week do

I'm just translate it from motofan.ru using google translator.
Edit: This MP better than previous version.
can i ask about to change my vr button yo talking phone?????????i like it very much!!!!pls reply!! 


hi! im using this MP now.. and it works great. one of the best MP.
how can i uninstall smsalarm.. i want to change it to bloack the thief? anyone can give me the idea?


Try using the "Phoneware Manager" located in Tools


it is not shown. its a system app.. other alternatives?


I have flashed my phone with this MP
i got a problemm
i can not  create a SMS in my phone..?
what's wrong with my phone..?
any one can help me..!