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E398 ringtones - how to make the sound better

Started by NiKSY, June 07, 2008, 10:23:00 am

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Heyya guys! I need help... I know there have been dosens of tutorials like this on MoMo but they are lost with it... I cant find one...

Need to know how to make ringtone sound better, enhancing it/adding effects for better hearing on e398's speakers...? Remember that? Any1 please? :)


Agree with u niks...
I like 'airtel trance' quality on Motohell MP...
How ta do that...?


I hope I made my post clear... I want to make them have a better vibe/wide/stereo effect... I dont know if its just some equalising or some special effect is needed?


I'm using Winamp+DFX for enhancing sound quality, then I use PC iTunes to convert it to *.m4a format. I do the same thing for both song and ringtone.
Like the one that I attach  :)


I'm using Cool Edit Pro 2 for editing and enhancing sound, you can clip, equalizing, mixing, do mono to stereo, noise reduction, up bitrate, etc... If you want to convert it to .m4a, using PC iTunes like are_goenk said. ;)


someone said, if we're using .m4a as a ringtone. (Paijo, as far as i can remember, sorry if i wrong)

could make our phone hang, esp. when receive a call. according to my experiences sometimes that was true but sometimes no. so i decide to not use .m4a as my ringtones. what do you think, guys?