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[E2] Titanium Xtreme II

Started by mati77, March 01, 2008, 09:49:32 PM

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hey mate. sounds like u from malaysia.. ermm so are u regret to have ROKR E2, try to use others FW, like Only You series or ROKR xtreme.. it suitable for malaysian users..
now im using this FW ROKR TX II, i just have one problem.. cannot browse the internet.. all the thing, i satisfied for this FW. hope someone can fix that problem..

the problem is same..


browse internet use the latest Opera Mini version...

damn cool can fiew the whole thing like on ur pc and given a virtual mouse,can view in widescreen and fullscreen lol...

problem is loading a page costs more than the normal type but u can change the setting to mobile view for the older style opera mini type of viewing page hehe...


But you all miss something very important. You can not download anything with opera mini. It opens the phones browser for downloading and all you get is a "bad request " error. The native opera needs to be fixed. .Mini is not an alternative for downloading.

Joka X

Opera mini mod can open multiple pages,save pages and download stuff without the need to open default browser :P


Joka X

I think motohell have it somewhere....i download it from motohell....i'm on opera mini now so i can't find it...


hi guys, i was with only you FW till the day that my sms didnt worked anymore, now i'm with this TX II , it's very nice but i dont know if it is the buggy winxp or my phone that do not connect via telnet anymore.
all drivers set and it was working before the last reflash!

if anyone have a sollution please let me know!

sorry for my bad english!



what's the difference on Kaleidoscope & the other one?

what are the disadvantages/advantages on each fw?..

just a newbie here!..

Joka X

try it and you'll know.....some features might be an advantage for you but it might be a disadvantage for others....so the best way is to try it out....


after passing flash when i flash 0020 LP the phone passes it but freezes at hello moto screen even after removing battery and inserting it back... help ?


hey sa3dod did you solve the problem?  sounds like you have the same problem i had a few months ago.  my phone would only turn on when its being charged and it would freeze at the hello moto.  i couldnt access bootloader either.  turned out my battery ran out while i flashed and it wouldnt charge unless the phone fully turned on.  i bought a new battery and reflashed to TX II.


voy a flashearlo. espero y aparezca link descarga