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[E2] [FW] Black Storm

Started by mati77, May 31, 2008, 10:49:40 PM

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mati77: in Malaysia,the word 'Mati' is 'die' in the malay language lol..

just so you'd know that...

yet to try the fw though lol...

waiting for other ppl to try the kaleid version...


i have tried the kalaiedoskop version
it works very fast bro
even faster than MAXX 2

great job Mati77...but i hope u won't die (hahaha...i'm refering the "mati" word
from nighstalker)
i'm also from Malaysia


June 05, 2008, 10:21:51 AM #32 Last Edit: June 05, 2008, 01:13:36 PM by arctu
the kaleid version doesnt seem to be fast as reported.. its the usual kaleid speed. :((
one thing which I dislike about this firmware is.. it doesnt support first.txt. >.< you might want to add that in the next firmware.
well, rest of it works nicely.. but.. you still have a long way to go mati77.. ( :
good job for now.

I'm on the kaleid version. Messaging bug still exist. x.x


help, please provide a mirror, in site which support "download resume" :(


usually the message bug is when our message is too much just like me before >.< although i'm not sure bout this :)


Try kaleid version...

I've compared with my friend e2 which use maxx2 n BS is little bit faster...

No bug so far ;)

Nice job mati77...

Btw in Indonesia "mati" means "die" to :p



I think so.. hehs.. I have 1.6k messages.. Anyway, I've made a real fix for messaging.. hehe.. ;DD

you all are comparing to maxx2.. im comparing to OUYV3.. =p


Quote from: arctu on June 05, 2008, 06:29:30 PM
I think so.. hehs.. I have 1.6k messages.. Anyway, I've made a real fix for messaging.. hehe.. ;DD

ow so it will be launch with revival mp? i read there many wants to help your project so we'll expecting it will be great :)
1.6k message? i have total 4k++ inbox 2041 n outbox 2002 LOL n my phone start to lagging n get frequent hang LOL



is this firmware have system sound? so what the conclution to compare BS n maxx?


can someone tell me why i cant install the damn rockbox tht i'd downloaded from e2mod on this firmware...it keep saying installation failed......!$@$%^


install it on the sd card and give root permissions ive done it and it works fine


Please, anybody know how to use the soft lock mpkg that @Matti published with Black Storm pack. I installed it on phone and try to run but nothing happens. Giving it root permissions not make any change. I only need soft lock but I don't want kaleidescop. 


i'm facing problem with memory card problem with this fw....i can't copy files to memory card,,,shows i/o error....what's wrong??????????


no prob so far... thanks mati :)