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still can't get a new language pack to work on my E2

Started by xierdun, February 24, 2008, 07:07:08 AM

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I have an E2 I bought in Northern China, the inbuilt language pack has only English and Simplified Chinese. I wan to install the Hong Kong LP 004D so I can use Traditional Chinese and Cantonese. My problem is that because the Language Pack file is .smg, I can't flash it through RSD Lite, yes I know it says you must ovewrite some sort of file during flshing, but I still don't understand exactly what to do. I have tried to ovewrite the file during flashing and when I try to change language on my E2, it still only gives my an option of English or Simplified Chinese, if someone on this forum who could explain the steps of installing a new language pack in much greater detail, it would be greatly appreciated. By the way, even though my current E2 language pack is simplifed Chinese, I can still view Traditional Chinese and Japanese, but no Korean of course. So why can I view these characters sets like Traditional Chinese, but still can't input them so this is why I want to switch to LP 004D. When I bought my E2 in China, I was told I could use Traditional Characters, only to find only Simplified are available with a very basic option of Characters to choose from.  Also, I don't suppose there is any CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) LP is there? If not could someone explain to me in much great detail how to install a new language pack like Hong Kong 004D?



you can either use a sbf file from titanium xtreme or you can replace the cg39 when your flashing(when it starts flashing code group XX)


Thanks GeoszTsai for your reply, but I still have another question... Where would I find my "File Manager" that is discussed on forums occasionaly in my E2 menus? So I can install new language packs.



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Put your sbf file in one folder (folderA), when starting flashing open the folderA,you will see it extracting sbf file into many smg file. Then rename your cg41.smg file in LP004 exactly the same with the name of the cg41.smg in the folderA, usually "(fw name)cg41.smg".
then replace cg41.smg in the folderA with the one in the LP004 folder. try to do it quick. Finished.

You can view a japanese because the FW use a font that support japanese character.


i think, u say the "file manager" is only u use AIO LP.
after flashing AIO LP, u have to tap the *.ins file anywhere u put at u'r phone using file manager..

usually, the .ins file inserted at AIO LP..