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Total Tragedy V.2 (Satan Inside)

Started by enslaved, May 24, 2008, 02:09:03 PM

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May 24, 2008, 02:09:03 PM Last Edit: May 26, 2008, 07:06:59 PM by Exploited
It Full Flash N Fixed Bugs From Previous Version

Flash program recommended: FlashBackup 3 (I Use FB 3.07)
Tested successfully in E398@ROKR and ROKR with BL 07.D0

Firmware      : R373_G_0E.30.49R (Bassed FW Ori from Mas Gayoe)
Flex          : Total Tragedy V.2 (Satan Inside)
DSP           : 6235A000
GT/PT         : Mod From mpx Deluxe
System Sound  : Tragedy Sysound
DRM           : Modd By me N Speed up
Technology    : Quad-band GSM (850/1900 and 900/1800)
Language      : 002E English 4 fonts, Bhs. Indo, Boso Jowo
Language/Font : English

Phone Memory:
--Free      :  166 kb
--Used      : 8721 kb
--Total     : 8887 kb

- Slipknot_Roktizz
- Satan Inside
- Sigar
- Gothic_666
- Black Slipknot
- Pentagram
- King Of Chaos

- Dictaphone
- eBuddy
- Gmail
- iTunes4.53Pro_Series by Poer_The_Redkingmaster
- MatraxBench
- Mig33-Ultra-GT
- MiniComander
- Opera Mini
- Synerj tools
- Talkonaut
- Vc Opera 2.06
- YMTiny

- 7 ringtone Metal, Rock, progresive
- 1 Funny tones

- 6 Funny Video
- 1 usb flash drive speed up

- Abolish Alarm OFF from list
- Abolish control by illumination Java
- Access main menu everywhere
- Access to seem 004a from corelets
- Add new simbol ± ² ³ œ Œ Ÿ
- Alarm 5m
- Auto delivery report sms 1.18
- Autokeypad lock
- Autostart Java from DateBook
- bg_in_player_v2.3n_49R_(fix)
- Blacklist
- Brightness
- BT standby time 5 min
- Camera button 1x camera 2x videocam
- Cancelation check signature java
- Change display timeout activity
- Change menu opcode
- Change menu sound,pic,video
- Change ringstyle with Menu+#
- Change simbols order
- Change zoom
- Changes the record format YY-MM-DD_HHMM
- Clock on SS
- Complete access to the file (Java,BT,OBEX)
- Date format
- Dictaphone_not_pick
- diktophone_1min
- Flashlight star+star
- Green call dialled & received calls
- Icon of alarm clock in ss
- Icon of received calls in ss
- Increase quantity autoredial
- Increasing bell replaced the Preferred Card
- Java black background
- Java full access patch
- Java Heap_J1100_C1496
- Java killer
- Java with the cable works
- Keysound replace Battery Savings
- Master Clear & Master Reset Failure
- Mma skin 3.0
- MMS 1000kb
- MP3 bitrate up to 320kb
- New recent call
- No busy audio channels by lowbatt tone
- No del call on sim change
- No sound volume 1.01
- NoJavaIcon
- Patch 6 fonts CG1_49R
- Pseudo Playlist 5.0
- Quick access sound & picture
- Reboot on Chat
- Redial in 5sc
- Reflect corelet in the list java
- Removal limitation system file
- Removal of the pressures of keys 112 and 911
- Removal unnecessary TF folder
- Remove checking safety and addresses
- Remove drm the protection
- remove ID the melody of subscriber from sms 1.13
- Send SMS on Phonebook leftsoftkey
- Set default Rsoft in web sessions
- Sort date or alphabet in animation
- Store foto without menu
- The illumination of keyboard instead of the indicator
- Time and Name in the list of the alarm clock
- time_update_mod 10sek
- unlimit_dictophone_mms_email
- Unlock all seem
- update time interval sms reminder 2m_2m_2m
- Elf on Motomixer
- Go to next song using headset key (thanks to Are_Goenk)

- Call Register max 50 number
- Message Status displayed on Outbox message
- Playing Java without interupt incoming message

Shortcuts keys:
- Menu + Menu   : Acces Main Menu Every Where
- Menu + Red    : unlock keys
- Menu + Green  : lock keys

Thx to:
- My God
- My Parrents
- MY Wife Always Support me
- All Modders In The World
- All motolovers member
- Genius Russian Motomodders @ motofan.ru, motohell.com, motomodders.net, modmymoto.com, Motolovers.or.id, Motousers.or.id
- Gayoe Thx For fw reflash ori N The Lesson About Elf N Patch Thx pak bos (Maturnuwun)
- kechap thx for s4m N The Lesson to Modd Skin (Maturnuwun)
- ritza_ll thx For All lesson (maturnuwun) <My First Teach Of Modding thx kak izal>
- all motolovers surabaya (sante jeh aku nang mburimu, Oke Jeh)
- All elf app, port, N Maker Of elf system sorry i forget your name
- tester my MP (tx-brown, All Motorola Fans Geng Blok M, Konthenk,rio_ndegan, all Motorola fans arek longean Thx)
- All Motorola Fans

- Phone Unlock Code: 1234
- Phone Security Code: 000000
- To Delete, Move, Copy, or Assign to Categories for files on Sound, Pictures, and Video...you have to Mark the file first with button 0
- If the iTunes doesn't load correctly, please delete iTunes folder on TF.
- iTunes and VirtualCorelet in the list of java are only the trigger to load corelet.
 To use the corelet, use menu iTunes in Multimedia.
- this MP is from gayoe Rokr Ori (I Get It In Gath With All Motorola surabaya)
- some skins, DRM, Gain table, was little edited and mixed by me
- Sorry if i grabbed your masterpiece without permission,
 I just love your masterpiece but I don't know how to do that thx for share

Modding In Indonesia
East Java Mojokerto
longean 3G

repport me if You found bugs

Forum support

SCREENSHOT + DOWNLOAD: http://www.e398mod.com/content/view/538/30/


byuh byuh.jenengq salah,btw nice job bro!


Sorry Wrong I Can't Edit It Now I Use opera Mini

thx My master


Nice job om Enslaved.
Thanks for sharing  :)


Quote from: Enslaved_666 on May 24, 2008, 02:09:03 PM
Flex          : Total Tragedy V.2 (Satan Inside)

Thx to:
- My God

Nice update man :)

But I dont understand why do you mention God if you worship Satan... But nevermind that offtopic...


it's just theme in my mp coz i very very love satanic like my avatar nik.alwaysblack metal but i have god not comunisme(end of oot)


Finally v2 have been released!!!
Great MP bro!! :D :D :D
Thanks 4 sharing.

OOT: waduh kak izal, sok imut bgd. Jgagagagagaga :D
Lam bwt nyonya. ;)








another coming in hell. . . . i will try . . .btw its very nice bro


Nice hell enslaved.. congratz for ur 2nd ver.Mp.. I'll try it soon(but hey,BL 07.D0? a few more time to convert it to my e1 phone yeah).. thank's 4 share..

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