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downgrade BL

Started by therabitia, May 24, 2008, 02:57:58 AM

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Guys,please help me how to downgrade my L7's BL from 09.02 to 08.D0.I need help


mirrored "just in case":

Original Authors: Mr_Mutabour, Flex4 & Dvsdigiman


1. Flash your phone with the L7e font by FB3 and wait for the "close" inscription. (which means your phone will become blank or virtually dead)

2. Remove the cable and battery.

3. Open P2K_Easy_Tool_V39, select your phone model and go to "Repair" then "Full repair PDS zone".

4. Now connect the cable without battery and press "Do selected job" then "OK".

5. Disconnect phone, and open ramldr2_0.31, put the battery, and in the display may appears bootloader "08.A0/08.02"; if not, with ramldr2_0.31, press "Send loader", then Write BOOT and choose the bootloader you want in your phone. (Get the bootloaders from the link given below)
Ex: for L7 - 08. D0 & V360 - 08.A0

6. Close the program.

7. Open Flash & Backup and flash your phone with any compatible firmware/MP with bootloader 08.D0(for L7) / 08.A0(for V360) .

Download all the requisites except P2K Easy Tools V39 : HERE

P2K Easy Tool V39 is a warez, so search in Google or 4shared. Use P2K Easy Tool V39 only