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best regards to great lasly,E2GameBoyAX has been released!!!

Started by nevermind, May 19, 2008, 05:10:22 PM

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everyone may know the earthquake happened in china ,but you may not know lasly is just in the area quite close to the place the earthquake happened.

today he can not give us the final version,but a version just has some problems.

but still best regards to lasly!!!

he is just suffering the dangers of the earthquake and keep on offering us the e2GameBoyAX

sorry for my poor english...

the readme.txt is just in the rar,and if someone can translate in english,please do it and post here,if no one do it.i will translate it myself tomorrow.

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for i have played it for the whole afternoon,i will just show you something important:

if you open the rom <10m,such as 4m and 8m ,it is not necessary to use virtual memory,but if you open th file such as 16m and 32m,you must enable the virtual memory(32m or more),otherwise it may keep you waiting forever...

without sound, loading may take <10s for rom <10m ,20s for rom of 16m,and 30s+ for 32m. if you enable the sound ,the time may increase ,so just keep waiting until the game start.

you can not play all the rom,but most of them.

overclock may help you play the game more smoothly,but some game just run will with the sound when is  not overclocking,such as pokemon series!!!

the game maybe slow when you just hold you phone for a while without playing ,and the solution is pressing the red key to return to the menu of emulator and choose "run",the speed will be as fast as you run it at first.


thx man and best regars for lasly i've just read the txt file and hes explains why he couldn't finish this gr8 project, but he will do it as soon he recover from the earthquake.
BTW this is the google traduction for the txt file:

QuoteE2GameboyAX Help

E2GameboyAX used in the E2 is a simulation on the implementation of the GBA software simulator, please note that the use of the simulator in the process of you must be sure you have GBA with the corresponding game cassette, with any of the legal issues arising author is not responsible for.

No matter what way you run simulator, strongly suggest that you first run a simulator after the initial withdrawal from the following:

1. Overclocking apmd documents placed in the SD card E2muX/apmd folder below (required)
2. Gba placed the document in bios.bin SD card E2muX/apmd/gba/bios Below, please note that the corresponding copyright issues.
3. Rom game placed in E2muX/apmd/gba/rom Below, the same Please note the corresponding copyright issues.
4. Operational procedures, in the game set up menu, select the appropriate documents bios
5. Operation other settings.
6. Games.

Always light background and features may your own overclocking function of compatibility issues. Led to the frequency locked.
Built-in overclocking functions in the testing phase, may lead to the problem will not be responsible for the author, please use caution, but if there is the question of feedback corresponding author will be very willing to accept.
For some reason not yet custom button, sorry.
Different point of view of the screen buttons different definition, please unless they form:

1 - 9 keys
5 A key
# B button
* Select
0 start
L R around softkey

270 degrees
1 - 9 keys
Delete key select
Right softkey start
Five keys were left: L R B A Space

Please try to

The release of only one procedure lin

As natural disasters, in this simulator could only set the date of such semi-finished products from the release of the way. My life has been completely this Zhenzi people's panic completely destroyed. I will complete this thing as soon as possible and release more things, really sorry.

I have always been things we will not be pegged to the wallet of, but please allow me to the back of a willful, each one of money, self-consciously contributions to the earthquake victims, this is too miserable, really.

Another English is the reason because of the time, everyone in makeshift first, the upgraded version will not be diverted to archive, rest assured we play.

I am safe in Chengdu, we see very touched by the concern, but there is a genuine need to care about the victims, thank you all.

I wish you all a happy, natural disasters can not stop our power path.

blog.csdn.net / flylasly
2008.5.19 morning


Thanks for shared with us, And THANKS TO LASLY FOR THIS GREAT JOB.
Hey this is not the final version?


lasly can not finish the gba emulator because of the earthquake,so he just release one because the word he had said.


Thanks for share! Works well, very great... And for lasly, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Even in that condition, u can release it as u said...u are the man!! Wish u the best...
Best regards,
Jeffri H.


Games i have tested that works:
WarioWare, Inc - Mega Microgames (cool game!)
The Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap (fast!)
The Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past/Four Swords
Sonic Advance 3 (no lag)
Super Ghouls n Ghosts
Final Fantasy I & II
Final Fantasy IV (good speed)
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
Pokemon Fire Red (battle has a little lag)
Pokemon Emerald
Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island (controls are hard)
Super Mario Kart (controls are hard)

Games still experience some jerkiness. But even though, I think speed is like E2SnesX, and sometimes even a bit faster (like Zelda Minish Cap, game is fast!).

Games that are kind of slow:
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World

Games that DID NOT work when i tested them:
Need for Speed Underground (blank screen only)
Mario Tennis Power Tour (looping)
Grand Theft Auto Advance (hang at start of game)

Disabled sound at first run. Then i'll enable it after the game loads. I observed that doing this sometimes lessens the lag on games while playing.
Using 64mb swap partition. OC @ 312_416_624. Using Auto in frame skip settings.
Very nice emulator! Thank you lasly! Good luck on the next version! Now i need to buy a new battery coz mine only last less than a day!

P.S. How to add E2GameBoyAX to Main Menu:
1) Telnet to phone. Go to mmc/mmca1/.system/QTDownLoad
2) Create folder: E2GameBoyAX
3) Rename E2GameBoyAX.lin to E2GameBoyAX and place it into folder.
4) Place attached files (E2GameBoyAX.desktop & gameboyax.png) inside E2GameBoyAX folder.
5) Copy /mmc/mmca1/.system/java/CardRegistry to computer and open it in text editor.
6) Paste this inside CardRegistry:

AniIcon =
AppID = {c35233a5-33aa-e425-9323-a12333abc334}
Args =
Attribute = 4
BigIcon = gameboyax.png
Daemon = 0
Directory = E2GameBoyAX
Eraseable = 1
Exec = E2GameBoyAX
FixedAllPosition = 0
FixedPosition = 0
GroupID = root
Icon = gameboyax.png
InstalledDate = 2008/5/20
JavaId = -1
MassStorageStatus = 0
MpkgFile =
Name = E2GameBoyAX
OsVersion = 1
Shared = 1
Size = 1140K
Type = 2
UserID = root
Visible = 1

7) Save file transfer CardRegistry back to phone and restart. Good luck.


2. Gba placed the document in bios.bin SD card E2muX/apmd/gba/bios Below, please note that the corresponding copyright issues.
3. Rom game placed in E2muX/apmd/gba/rom

2 & 3. Do we need to create those folders?


^ nope. just run the program first the first time and open the settings (of course u cant play any game yet). then close the programs and the folders will be created automatically.


Quote from: u4ia on May 19, 2008, 08:32:40 PM
^ nope. just run the program first the first time and open the settings (of course u cant play any game yet). then close the programs and the folders will be created automatically.


BTW, do we need to keep the .lin at all times?


OHHH Thanks...

I would like Full version has Cable Link with Bluetooth... i would be cool

Question: can we make a Direct Acces in Games folder?

Sorry my English :)


wow, never though it will be available for E2 just like this, and you had to pay to get the symbian vampent just to play......
Nokia lover should be grumping around now

GREAT JOB Lasly, you're the best


Well, for Legend of Zelda: The Minish Camp, It runs perfectly, it fast, reeeeaaaaalllyy fast, just tested it, for Final Fantasy IV, playable, with good speed i mean. I got a quite collection of roms, will try one by one, will tell if it runs well or not