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[Tutorial]Porting the ELFPack |The Real PortKit|

Started by NiKSY, May 02, 2008, 01:02:26 PM

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July 07, 2008, 01:38:12 PM #15 Last Edit: July 08, 2008, 01:07:11 AM by silentsnow31802
Thats what I thought but I believe I setup everything correctly. I will double check tomorrow as its 3:30AM right now and I must sleep.

Well I flashed a MP with the Elf already installed, played with it for a while and didnt like it. Flashed back to the one I had before and the Elf is still working. I have not enabled Motomixer or anything else Elf related in this MP. I dont understand why its still working but the only ones I wanted are working so im going to just go with it.


lol Probably both are ELF enabled. Nevermind, enjoy :)
Cheers! ;)


i have to ask a dumb question. is that ";" meant to be in front of the path location? and doesn't it matter what the variable name is?
i followed the tutorial thoroughly but no files generated


.2.1 Now! Control Panel/System/Environment Variables/System Variables/ - Path - add ";C:\PortKit" (I say again, C:\PortKit is the easiest place)Would I have question?   Should be anything in changing value or only  ;C:\PortKit
I do the tutorial but i have some problem.It is stopped and i have to push a button to run away.But when it do his the windows give me an error.The port kit run and do te 4 files.



try these:

could you please let us know if you have any luck to make your own build? a couple of us couldn't get it to work.


August 30, 2008, 07:38:46 PM #23 Last Edit: August 30, 2008, 08:31:24 PM by badguy
which kit did you use? this one or the one before this one?
what libgen did you use?
i don't know what i did wrong. it's frustrating.


Quote from: badguy on August 30, 2008, 07:38:46 PM
which kit did you use? this one or the one before this one?
what libgen did you use?
i don't know what i did wrong. it's frustrating.

try use the one i gave you...

the libgen can get it from first page..

i dun remember who made the kit but i've taken it from here


yea, i've tried the one you gave me. same thing happened. it didn't proceed after i press any key to continue. it just stuck.
that kit is made by gayoe i think


September 03, 2008, 05:49:21 AM #26 Last Edit: September 03, 2008, 05:51:14 AM by packpunk
I get this error when I porting, the problem is RAMTrans.exe, and the log...

I've use another RAMTrans but still error when executing it..
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I've follow all the instruction but I can't make build correctly,
I use CG1 (with cut empty bytes and undo elfpack/register of course) from MotoHell MP.
it generated build, but there is a warning (log in attach)
And when I flash to CG1 it show "Read beyond end of file." (picture)

here are my files in my computer:



C:\PortKit   | \build\
      | \libgen\
      | \obj\
      | dec2hex.exe
      | fsize.exe
      | CG1.bin
      | run.bat
      | make.cmd

C:\PortKit\libgen\   | armar.exe
         | armasm.exe
         | armcc.exe
         | armcpp.exe
         | FunctionFinder.exe
         | Libgen.exe
         | RAMTrans.exe
         | armar.dll
         | armasm.dll
         | armcc.dll
         | armcpp.dll
         | functions.pat
         | LTE.pat
         | LTE2.pat
         | LTE2_IROM.sym

C:\PortKit\obj\      | armlink.exe
         | BinToFpa.exe
         | fromelf.exe
         | tcc.exe
         | tcpp.exe
         | armlink.dll
         | fromelf.dll
         | tcc.dll
         | tcpp.dll
         | sysinfo.c
         | Config.ini
         | Autorun.o
         | elfloader.o
         | ElfloaderApp.o
         | libc.o


I've make a path too, "C:\PortKit"

Do I miss something..? Or Do I wrong put some files?
Plants vs. Zombies


That warning you got is NORMAL. I get it too, everytime,  and my ELF Pack works...

As for "Read Beyond End Of File" - use the autopatcher attached first and than use that CG1 with Flash&Backup.