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Change the font in L6, AntiMosquito Java version, java on L6

Started by commander, April 29, 2008, 08:24:08 AM

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I would like to know how can I change the default font(its type and its size) in Motorola L6.
I recently noted that, I an M.P named MotoMafia in this site argues that it contains java applications including a software named AntiMosquito. I know such a software is availble for S60 phones but in .sis format. Is a java version of this software availble?.(for my L6) I not yet have downloaded that M.P.
Also I wolud like to know how can I install java apps and games to my L6 from my computer. i tried using P2K tools but it not yet shows the installed apps. Also how can I change the strt-up animation in L6.


yes its a java version. Try to get Motomidman to install any javas in ur fone. To change font, download flash and backup 3.07 (the latest one) and then download any font pack from this site. then flash it with fb3 to your fone. thats it...:)


i think you should use rsd lite when flashing since your a newbie at flashings
flash &* backup has alway isues when flashing to your fone, one time i flashed my fone using s&b and i always brick my phone but in rsd it worked fine
maybe because f&b isn't from motorola
rsd lite is from motorola jsut extracted from their software called "motorola software update"