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[E2] Titanium Xtreme II

Started by mati77, March 01, 2008, 09:49:32 PM

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Hi... This is the second version of Titanium Extreme. It is dedicated to English and Spanish users (the name and language of extra applications are automatically adapted to English or Spanish language). There are two versions, the standard one and other with kaledoiscope. At the end of the post there are published all language pack, only for Titanium Xtreme II

The main advantages are:

• It doesn't  block the phone for any company
• Incremented speed and stability
• Automatically mounts swap and ext3 when SD is inserted
• Possibility to use the telephone without the SIM card
• Skins can be loaded in SD
• The music is played smoothly. There are not annoying clips
• Correction of media player. Now it is possible to see all type of signs!!! It has also a softer displacement in the menus
• You can use the radio without earphones!!
• APMD's that are in my favor are mounted automatically at the beginning (you should rename it to apmd)
• Synchronization with Motorola Phone Tools
• Reading of messages
• Some aplications were corrected and modified like SD manager, Lights control, Load SD skin.
• Intel Xcale tool to make real-time underclocking/overclocking
• Corrected the separator in the adressbook when it orders for last name
• Application to rename pictures with graphic menu (fotoren). It changes the name of the moto_ * picture to the following form: yyyy-mm-dd_hh.mm.ss.jpg
• Camera with zoom up to 8x
• Tap writing method improved
• Incremented volume
• The low battery annoying sound were replaced with a vibration
• ilove3d Kernel v1 (ext2 and ext3 support, multiple keypress)
• Utilities (PhoneWareManager, System Info, Intel Xscale, SD Manager, LoadSDskin, Desktop visuals, Lights control, Refresh phone, Reboot, Fotoren, LinkSYS, BootGreetings, Print screen, EFEM)
• Possibility to change the voice commands easily!!! You should put on the file "command" that is in this download, inside the folder my_favor. You can edit the "command" file whit notepad ++ (included too) and change what the man says
• Possibility to enable/disable that alarm clock sounds in all the profiles (you should put on the file "alarm" in the folder my_favor)... Important: see PS
• The brightness isn't modified when you makes overcloking/underclocking
• Stock bootimage
• Skins: OP, Revolution, Alkali (stock)
• MotoID working and stock games
• Descompresor of rar; zip; tar; tar.gz files
• My_FAVOR automatically executes:
   apmd (to make overcloking/underclocking)
              myfont.ttf (to change the font of the skin)
              ezx_volumetable.cfg (to modify the volume)
ui_start_up_mono.wav (to change the sound when the phone boot up)
• Solved bug of previous firmware that sometimes, in certain places, the system clock become crazy
• Squash support like rokr z6

The version with kaledoiscope adds the following functions:

•   Software keylock (by C + *)
•   Copy/Paste function
•   Multitasking for ezx-application
•   Icons in submenus
•   ilaunch bar
Attention: this version removes the synchronization with Motorola Phone Tools and it`s a bit slower

Important: This FW doesn't modify your operative band. The frequencies your network works aren't changed

This package contains:

• Firmware
• Installation guide
• Motorola USB drivers 3.4 & Telnet drivers
• RSD Lite 3.8
• Apmd Pack
• File to enable/disable alarm sound in all the profiles
• Voice commands modification kit
• Triband flex pack



Credits to ilove3d for their so valuable contribution (extreme 2 fw) and to vanhieumai for the utilities translation to English.

PD: in certain occasions the activation of the alarm in all the profiles might cause instability in the clock (it advances one hour). You can try this useful function and then if you notice some problem with the clock you could disable it deleting the "alarm" file in my_favor folder. If in previous fw there were not inconveniences, you could install it without problem.

Language packs:

0020 (UK English - Arabic - French - Turkish)
0021  (UK English - Vietnamese - Thai - Bahasa Indonesia)
0024  (Uk English - Chinese - Bahasa Malaysia)
004D  (English - Traditional Chinese - Simplified Chinese - Cantonese)
02DE  (English - Russian - Suomi - Polski - Eesti - Latvian)


It looks pretty cool... it's noticeable how hard you worked on it... I'll test kaleid version :-)



thanks i was waiting for ths is great


Why I can't download TITANIUM EXTREME (WITHOUT KALEIDOSCOPE). When It's 93 Percent It's automatically cancel.   :'( :'( :'(

Joka X

try to re-download.....no problem with me......


I've download it about 5-6 times with Bitcomet and with IE but it's say the files is damaged... blah blah blah


thank!Is this Titanium E version2,if i flashed Titanium E version 1 and my phone was block,now i flash this fw,my phone will be unlock???


March 02, 2008, 11:10:07 AM #9 Last Edit: March 02, 2008, 11:12:15 AM by ham
Quote from: fanofcc on March 02, 2008, 11:05:31 AM


OHHH !!! thank youuu veryy muchhh


DLing Kaleid version...

uber cool skin u have there hehe



Can you please give me the flash file coz i flashed my phone with 4AP when it was blocked by your FW.


how do u make ilaunch work in the kaleid version?

flashed it but i dun see any ilaunch bar -.-"


March 02, 2008, 04:12:27 PM #13 Last Edit: March 02, 2008, 04:26:11 PM by NightStalker1993
is it just me or i can't seem to telnet to the phone via pc? -.-"

anyway found out how to used ilaunch lol..

edit: ignore that...

changed USB port and problem solved lol...


March 02, 2008, 05:05:24 PM #14 Last Edit: March 02, 2008, 05:39:19 PM by NightStalker1993
why when i restore the files in SysDatabase(which contains my sms and stuff like that) and when i open messages it will say phone was not shut down properly and is corrupted bla bla bla and it can't read my sms? -.-"