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MAXX E2 - monstr by 3-D from forum.motofan.ru Best regards from RUSSIA!

Started by borndead, February 23, 2008, 01:22:16 AM

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from creator ROKR_ESCO_RU_47P(Eskorpio RU) lace trim MAXX E2

Best Monstr in the WORLD! We are RUSSIANS!!!!
the primary task was ????????? in lace trim all the most best on maximum(therefore and MAXX), ????????? their own daydreams, and do sew;???)interweave in which finally worked all moreover quickly and stable.
problem consider run for 100%

now ?????????, READ WITHOUT FALL!
1 base-drain 4AP
2 ???? kaleidoscope[????-blocking(s+*),ILaunch,and td]
3 INSTALLATIONS mpkg ON CARD and in MEMORY of the BODY, even ???????, and east (this dared accidentally, when compared the lace trims, problem turned out to be in rights rut),install through Gl.menyu=>dispetcher Works with Motorola Phone Tools!!!

4 ?????? 6! all which the most beautiful and ????????????? (that in menu on amount ??????) a)revolution 3-D(my modiksmile.gif) b)v8 Alkali - was sent with ????? v)SKINMOD[Average] - all known ????????????????? ???? g)blue Bliss or he else known as Grass by mEASYn d)budy-LITA or CARTOONBLUE e)leopard

5 built-in exhibits
ZMPlayer[GL.MENYU=>MULITIMED.=>PLEERY=>ZMPLAYER], can peacefully climb through "traffic manager" and open avi, flv files, tk all are tied on shell zxmms[GL.MENYU=>MULITIMED.=>PLEERY=>ZXMMS]-last assembly eXMMS from ??????? RipZ Snes9X-emulator of the attachment super nintendo on our E2 in detail about bend and about play read to surrender Native emulators and ?????????

6 ATTENTION ???????? ???? are divide into 2 parts first part [Gl.menyu=>organayzer=>tool's] contains:
will update(renovation of the body)
nastr.skin(known as skinedit or settings, for change ?????) rebooting
Black/White(modified Callblock, him possible to change black/white mode, look/delete number(black and white), start/stop callblock) sysInfo(information on system in ???? period) Snapshot(?????? do)
LinkSYS(????????? she NO  because of "sis Files" in Gl.menyu, but let **** on any event) SD(bend written me for governing sd) scheduler(crond with Kaleydoskope, start/stop) ?????(merge/restore ?????) message(message when boot the telephone)
shinening (bend for change of duration ?????????, display, logoes, shine keyboard)

the second part [GL.MENYU=>NASTROYKI=>SISTEMA] contains:
OpenWith (tie extensions) of application(appmanager, give right, move applications) Font(change font of the system)
Runaway ?????(2 modes master and expert ??? apmdchanger2.0 by DDSH), YO! after rebooting remains SMS-Alarm(add/delete number of the sending out, add/delete network in ??????? allowed, include/switch off) Vr-gol.knopka(chyo this and why refer to point 7, cat below)

7 now that on that I have killed much time-VOTING BUTTON when striking on gol.key(that that round on the right) is by default started "quick menu":
in him find functions which sometimes by leaps and bounds it is necessary to find info of the system
extract SD - hang up swap/ext3 and subject with ?????? before extraction of the card(connection to ????? in mode of the card to memories) Connect SD - accordingly connect all back after return ?????? Terminal Flash-light will Update system a Rebooting
Possible fix its action not vocal key!!!
for this go GL.MENYU=>NASTROYKI=>SISTEMA=>VR-gol.knopka quick menu-that which was discussed above calendar camera
??? info Radio Flash-light
/ezxlocal/my.lin - throw in ezxlocal its lin, rename my.lin, and when striking on goal button be executed will this script Terminal 8 autorun:
here I all the manner of variants has done, so to speak ???? worked in any event - if you changed the font, or dispersed processor or included Black/White or actuated SWAP/EXT3, all adjustment are saved after rebooting!
the ways:
the most first as always
/ezxlocal/ezx_volumetable.cfg - a montage
/ezxlocal/apmd -//-
/ezxlocal/sysfont.ttf -//-
are they afterwards executed
if you want its apmd, throw him(it) in /ezxlocal/ and renme apmd if you want its font, throw him(it) in /ezxlocal/ and ???????? sysfont.ttf if you want their own adjusting the sound , throw them in /ezxlocal/ and rename ezx_volumetable.cfg

9 works orderly full unset, clear, do not are afraid if something ceased to work do unset, and all return

10 velocities on height, sometimes amount free ?????????? reached 8345 kb


Mirror by Exploited: http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/258/26/





Best Regards - AstaRoth  aka borndead from Motofan.ru and moto-sort.net (Russia)
Big senx to:
3-D, DDSH ? ? ?


it looks really cool and I'll test it.
But... would you mind putting a better translation? I can't understand much >.<' did u use google translator?  :-\





downloaded, ill try it tomorrow!!!

lastima que no se entiende!!! jeje


I can understand, anybody can translate please. this FW looks amazing.
thanks to Best Regards - AstaRoth  aka borndead from Motofan.ru and moto-sort.net (Russia)
Big senx to:
3-D, DDSH ? ? ?


Will it solve the subsidy problem caused by titanium extreme? I tried flashing old FW but the problem stil exists.


NestorM  please paste the solution here, can't connect to that link. Titanium extreme has done the damage.


This FW is amazing, Fast very fast fast fast fast, is the best of best, but where I put my skin files?


It's best FW for E2, big thnx to 3-D, DDSH & all people who helped