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Started by mati77, February 22, 2008, 05:58:52 AM

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i'm flashed eraser or clean BP or stock FW when my phone detected by RSDLite : S Blank Neptune LTE2. And I think it is the right bootloader.


atlast!!!!! my e2 is unlocked. i took it to a local servicing shop to unlock the cellphone.i had to pay almost $8.5.
i could try doing testpoint myself but i did not want to damage my e2 :-s (bcz i never did it before).
They didnt do any testpoint. They said they paid a website for the subsidy code & thats all they did.
well... it means they paid less than $8.5. if they can find a cheaper website then how come we didnt find it:-s
anyways...now my cellphone is unlocked for life time!!


as someone said, i think you are flashing the incorrect part but, ill try with mine, as i know, 1 is under the screen, and the second tp is in the back, Right? maybe if we try in the part without taking out the lcd?

ill try


I think the matter is not the testpoint itself. As I understand the testpoint is used to take the phone to "S Blank Neptune..." mode (instead of the "S Flash Neptune..." that would appear if you do no testpoint). Is it a matter of the driver? I don't know how to uninstall the drivers without the phone being connected, and I don't know how to update them. But I don't know which drivers would be fine either. So it does not matter, I found someone who is going to do the unlock at a reasonable price...

Yeah, I give up this time.... no one here has got successful results, and no one seems to have the right answers.


with this ( http://www.backupmyfiles.net/download.php?file=914drivers%2032%20y%2064%20bits.zip ) you can clean and reinstall drivers, may help.


Quote from: wa2nts on March 19, 2008, 11:44:15 AM
@shadowhitman, The safe way to unlock without testpoint is buying the code with credit card on the internet, like www.mobileunlocked.com, only need your IMEI code.

Thanks man :).
I tried to order yesterday, after pay the bill they sent me a link and ask me to wait for 24 hours.
Its more then 24 hours already,but they haven't send anything, not even my reply my mail.Wandering if I got cheated :((.Still hoping though :).


My E2 is working now,got the unlock code after almost 2 days :-).


Me also experience like this but not when use this firmware, I accidentally flash it with branded firmware from Telcel Mexico. And now my E2 become my MP3 player :) Fortune, I still can acces the menu without SIM Card using this firmware R564_G_12.03.33P_LP0021_G007_1FF