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Video conversion softare for the Motorola e398

Started by rza4896, June 14, 2010, 07:01:24 am

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Hey guys, I have spent days looking for a free video converter that gives my phone a video thats not so choppy. The only one i have been able to find that works well is acala 3gp movies free. (Its a free program with no limitations) Problem is, the audio is automatically converted to aac, which when I try to use it on my phone i get no sound! It has the option to convert with dnr_nr, but when i select this and convert it just immediately delivers me a blank file and says "conversion finished". The support for the program has been no help, they just told me to download a different converter.. which is not free.. Can somebody please reccomend a converter that works well for the e398??? I need something free, watermarks are ok but i cant do much with a 50% conversion limitation. Thanks so much, im going crazy I spent 3 days trying to find a worthwhile converter and... nothing!!


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