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ELF Applications and News [general info]

Started by tuyie78, January 11, 2008, 07:13:44 PM

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January 11, 2008, 07:13:44 PM Last Edit: January 08, 2009, 01:08:15 PM by NiKSY
Thanks to all the great modders behind this work..

What is ELF??
ELF is a binary format for linux-based phones. Every program is distributed like independent file. However it have one big advantage over Java - the program is directly using the processor and memory resources, without any virtual machine limitations. In other words - ELF programs are faster programs.

How to install??

1) Apply Elfpack.fpa and Register.fpa patches
2) Copy Elf folder to /b/
3) Dont forget to update elfloader.lib if newer versions are available
4) To Create a menu for Elf, you have to edit your mma_ucp and add motomixer in multimedia.
Do this seem edit for motomixer [Seem 0032_0001, Offset 51, Bit 5(check)]
(or flash any latest ELF enabled Monster Pack)

ELF Applications:

1. AutoLock.elf
Automatically lock keypad according to display timeout.

2. date.elf
Showing day name on home screen.

3. Demon.elf
Application required for running RedMenu.elf.

4. fbrowser.elf
Application required for running other ELF applications. (See elfrunner.elf)

5. MotoCmd.elf
Phone browser that has capability to delete, copy, cut, paste, etc.

6. RedMenu.elf
Press Red button for about 2 seconds to display usefull features:
   1. Turn Off Phone
   2. Reboot Phone
   3. Switch to Boot Loader
   4. FlashLight ON/OFF
   5. Bluetooth ON/OFF
   6. Java Killer
   7. Opcode
   8. Change RingStyle
   9. Go to Alarm Clock
   10.Go to Time and Date
   11.Change Skin
   12.Change Language/Font

7. Changeringstyle.elf
Press # button for about 2 seconds to change RingStyle.

8. SeemEditor.elf
Application for seem editing.

9. TalkClock.elf
Press right SoftKey until you heard the time is spoken.

Application for deleting MyToneDB and TempToneDB file in a:/mobile/audio/
Use it if you have problem on adding new alert tones to your phone.
Don't forget to restart your phone after deleting MyToneDB and TempToneDB file.

An alternative to FBrowser. Its better than Fbrowser.With elfrunner, we can choose our favorite elf's that shown in the main list or to show all the elfs in /b/. Also,we can load or unload the elf that put on the auto run. so we can use elfrunner to edit auto elf on the phone.

Keeps the funlights ON with the corresponding color of the battery status

Double press * key will shutdown background light. *+# will start background light after was stoped

After launching, press red (end call) button to exit to home screen and then try to dial some number, you will notice changed sounds. If you will press "*" you will close app and then everything will back to normal

Funlight will turn on as you press keypad buttons

After you execute it, the brigtness level will change according to your setting.

Transfer of Java applications through Bluetooth

18.SMS count.elf
counts how many sms sent.

19. SMS_Viewer
SMS_.viewer shows how many sms sent

Backup your PDS in bin format on your memory card

If run this program, it will automatically inform us the time in every hour in Chinese language and you can set when it will start & end in VoiceTime.cfg. They needs to be in b/edy/VoiceTime/xx.amr

Changes wallpapers at the signel from light sensor. Wallpapers also needs to be in b//mobile/picture/edy/xxxxx.jpg.


For start of WPChanger with boot of phone, needs to be added to auto.run

Changes wallpapers every 30 min. They needs to be in b//mobile/picture/edy/xxxxx.jpg directory(maximum 48).

Shows important information about the flex. You can edit the informations too.

Change keypad pressing sound

ELF for taking screenshots  Big alternative of MSnap. You will make a screenshot by pushing the smart key and you will get  /b/screen*.bmp file in your phone memory (You have to set the smart key as camera)

If you run this elf, then you call someone and press Left Softkeys to start recording, it will record your conversation, and it saved at Voice Records.

If you run this ELF every new SMS you receive will be automatically opened (shown)


Press Menu + 5, so flashlight will turn on. Press Menu + 5 again to turn off the flashlight. It can do everywhere...



If you run this elf, light beside the phone will be on (blue colors) at the moment, and it will continue every minute.

Your phone will be shutdown automatically for a minute.

Its used in pack with Powerown.elf (well, not necesary) and you need to configure the config of Startup.elf a minute or two before an alarm time so when alarm goes off Startup.elf will turn your phone ON completely

When you press a key(keycode is stored in event.cfg offset 2) an event is started(event code is stored in event.cfg offset 3 and 4) default: when you press # ring style is changed

Please give me the description of unknown ELFs.. Also if possible,please post the latest app along with the updated library and description. Thanks to all for the contribution..

Download: http://www.e398mod.com/content/view/534/30/

Also DOWNLOAD the awesome tutorial by Gayoe to update library of elfloader.lib...



Can anyone describe the function of each??



* Battery_.zip
    keeps the funlights on with the corresponding color of the battery status
* AutuLock.zip
    autolock keypad
* build.rar
    the updated elf pack
* RedMenu.zip
    don't really know (it's in russian), i think it has some shutdown menu (restart, shutdown, bootloader) or something like this


Anyone has tried the new elf applications?
My phone restarts when I try to execute it :(


Quote from: BruceLee on January 18, 2008, 09:53:39 AM
* RedMenu.zip
    don't really know (it's in russian), i think it has some shutdown menu (restart, shutdown, bootloader) or something like this

Sounds like the patch,

I've tried the battery app but I just keep getting a restart like are_goenk ...Sounds kinda cool too, 


January 18, 2008, 07:06:00 PM #6 Last Edit: January 18, 2008, 07:13:30 PM by BruceLee
You must replace your old elf library (from b\elf) with the new one provided in build.rar

I've attached the library. Just download and replace the old one.


That library is different for every firmware... Also, om2804`s ELFs need special library (different than 18/12/07 one...)...
Im using 42R and all of these work with that library :)


the library attached in the previous post works just fine for 49R


Sorry, I wasnt talking about THAT library, than about every elf functions library... Sorry for confusion, I didnt say your library doesnt work :)


The app redmenu, When you activate that elf aplication, appear a menu whit options: Powerdown, restart, bootloader, java killer. To change the language option or ad more options to menu just edit the redmenu.res and replace the russian caracters to englis...in order: fast powerdown, powerdown, restart, bootloader, javakiller.
To work the ap demon.elf you need ad in auto.run /b/elf/demon.elf. That replace the menu powerdown patch, that elf ap its in background and When you press the red bottom for half second appear the red menu whit the options before mentioned.


pd. Sorry for my bad english.



Battery elf will show you the status of the battery by side LED lights...It will keep them on all the time, so I guess it spends some battery :)
AutoLock elf will lock your keypad in given time in .cfg file.

And that build.rar, I guess it contains files needed for creating functions library for om2804`s ELFs.



I'd like to share another elf applications. :)

Copy all files to elf folder on your TransFlash and execute it using ELF FBrowser.

- Illumination.elf
After you execute it, funlight will turn on as you press keypad buttons. To normalize, you must restart your phone.

- Light.elf
After you execute it, the brigtness level will change according to your setting.

- Setting.elf
Setting menu for brightness (it's still in Rusian)
- level of brightness
- minimum level of brightness
- time of illumination (in seconds)
- display time out (in seconds)
If values of timers sets to 0, it won't work.
Brightness of the display will smoothly decrease to a minimum level according to time of illumination.

- SeemEditor.elf
Use it for simple seem editing. All values are set in decimal system (DEC).

- Redmenu
Showing usefull menu (has similar funtions as PowerDown patch)
1. PowerOff --> turn off the phone
2. Restart --> restart the phone
3. Bootloader --> switch to bootloader
4. Kill Java --> shut down all java applications
5. Activate Bluetooth

To work the ap demon.elf you need ad in auto.run /b/elf/demon.elf. That replace the menu powerdown patch, that elf ap its in background and When you press the red bottom for half second appear the red menu whit the options before mentioned.

It doesn't work for me. When I press the red button nothing shown on the screen. Why?


Thank you for those descriptions agung :)