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MOTO_G from motofunvn

Started by XG, January 06, 2008, 09:23:16 am

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January 06, 2008, 09:23:16 am Last Edit: January 08, 2008, 11:19:35 am by Exploited
hey all
me just make a MP althouth it don't great but i want share it for all peaple


flash all soflware
only for e398

Firmware: R373_G_OE.30.49R
Flex: Moto_G.
DSP : 6242A200
Technology : Quad-band GSM
DRM :nice make by me
LangPack: 6 font English
GT/PT      : music_edition plus


All skin: see pictures

+speed access
+nice DMR
+soundsys form black angel
+access EFL file
+full patch(FW LigaLayz777  add new patchs)
+nice skin
+good gain
+safe batery
+mma_ucp use for skins and independ DMR and has button motomixer

1) 6 fonts support
2) enable long press on green button to go to Received Calls list
3) Opcode menu+0
4) Full access java patch
5) showing background picture when playing sound in multimedia
6) register EFl file
7) Symbols for writing text restructured
8) Removed peak in dictophone when recording voice messages
9) No 30 sec limit in standart dictaphone. However max memory is enough for around 1 minute
10) Unlimited dictaphone for e-mail messages
11) Torch mode with #+red button
12) Example patch for system sounds change
13) alarm appear top line when set alarm clock
14) iTAP increased up to 61KB and HEAP up to 15KB
15) iTap by default in Corelet
16) MMS - 1000KB
17) Support for MP3 bitrate of 320Kbps!
18) Pseudoplaylist v2
19) No low battery sound
20) No vibration and sound on changing volume
21) Direct access with 0+* to tones and 0+# for pictures
22) Changed bootscreen
23) Block and unblock of keyboard with menu+menu
24) flask #+#
25) 3 minutes blutooth
27) Access to SIM via Corelet
28) Font color and background change in java start
29) Zoom in pictures
30) Display timeout 20 sec, 40 sec, 1 min, 2 min)
31) Changes in order of Video menu
32) Changes in order in camera menu
33) Changes in order in sounds menu
34) New order in writing text (. ? ! , @ ' - _ : ; ( ) ?? . , ? ! : ; ( ) - @ _ ')
35) Changed font of time and date?
36) Corelets visible in games and apps
37) Time in alarm clock visible
38) Increased volume
39) New format of number depends on count of digits 8-xxx-xxx-xx-xx
40) Corelets and midlets signatures patch. Manual editing of rights possible
41) Removed control of display light in Java
42) SMS delivery reports enabled by default.
43) Removed 112 and 911 dial when keyboard is blocked
44) Enable and disable display lights from menu
45) Full file system access (java, bluetooth, OBEX)
46) Send and receive of bluetooth files
47) Blacklist
48) "Freedom in status" i don't no for purpose ?
49) No limits in management of all system files
50) Sorting of files via last access date instead of "animation" feature
51) Phone memory does not wipe when you change sims
52) Save photo without going trough extra menu
53) classify icon recieved call and dialed call
54) No DRM protection
55) hiding status bar when running java application for full screen display
56) Useless files removed
57)  showing digital clock on status bar

original patch from FW of LigaLayz777 and litte new patchs were added with patch i relace patch name that i don't it by new patch name were added maybe not full information

Media :
- Picture : 12 Picture
- Audio   : 12 RingTone
- Video   : 1 Video DEMO
- Skin    : 5 Skin Cool
Java Midlet:
- Synerj_Tools
- MemoryUp_StandartEdition
- Mig33_Fast_Beta3_Mod_by_POER
- EbuddyBeta_Mod_poer
- cellity freeSMS
- Compas
- Talk-Timer
- MatraxBenck
- Power_Down
Java Corelet :
- iTunes_4.52Pro_BETA3_by_POER
No game & virtualcorelet
Mune+Menu  : lock & unlock
Menu+o        :opcode
* +*         :changing style
0 + #           : quick access to "Sound"
0 + *            : quick access to "Pictures"
# + *            : Java-killer
# + red        : fashlight

special thanks
- makers skin of forums    
- LigaLayz777, hardwavepoer,JithinSK,Gayoe,Zh@ng-L14ng(font),sysmaster,motomaniacs,and all member and modder of motohell
- jupiter,songlong88,phuocdau87,hoanvu and all member and modder of motofunvn
- motolovers,modmymoto,motohell,e398mod,letsmoto,motofunvn.

* bug :
-- location of clock on top very mall becase don't appear full clock: for fix make patch at location of DMR with width 46-50
-- patch (55 hiding status bar when running java application for full screen display) it make hide DRM when exit java or corelet but one time 

Thanks again

link here : http://www.zshare.net/download/6231518d3bcbd6/
or download at E398mod.com: http://www.e398mod.com/content/view/530/30/

good luck and happy new year


January 06, 2008, 10:10:12 am #1 Last Edit: January 06, 2008, 12:00:10 pm by JithinSK
Man,thats hot.. Great MP.. I'll try it.. :) Thank you :D

EDIT: Download link fixed  ;)

lol,you forgot to clear the dialed and received call lists..  :P


wooow..another Greath MP..
good Job XG.. i will try..
thanks for sharing


Looks great mate gunna try it now!
thanks for the share :)


Haha that sidebar part looks cool :D TOo bad we dont really have it... All cool man!
XG, If you dont mind I shall post it on MoMo



lol I know its there I see it :D But only clock really works on it, right? :)


Great MP... Thanks for sharing, bro... :D


skin please aero,aero pink,aurora!


i will try this when fone is alive again...


I can't start FBrowser or any elf with motomixer.



Wow,MotofunVN is getting hot.It's like when RabiWadeon released their Black Monster MP.


Can you tell how many speed points have this MP in Matrix.