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Why MOTOROLA....??

Started by aku46, January 01, 2008, 08:06:30 pm

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Motorola is "Intelligence Everywhere"

no wonder it lead others product

Joka X

yeah.....but somehow Moto have a bad name in my place........


i heard a news that motorola phone exploded and kill someone but i donno when and where. i got this from other forum (post by SE fan).
Is it true? anybody know?

Joka X

yes it is true....in China....but that is because the phone are exposed in a very hot temperature.......other phone maker such as samsung have their phone exploded too....not just Moto....even IPod have these kind of case.....it's how you treat your phone.....not the phone makers' fault in most cases.....


oh i see.... thanx for the info.
whatever Moto has the best design..

Joka X

yeah.....cool and trendy......i like the PEBL series........


that cute phone!
i like RAZR design but since its not really modding friendly i choose rokr ;D


Joka X

i think we should find some ways to promote Moto modding....i'm going to promoto it through live TV chat box....cause there are many bored people there....


I promote Moto to my family.My Mom uses K1,My dad uses E398,My sisters use L72,V3x,V3xx,Z3 and V3i.My friends use E1,E398,E6,V6 Maxx,L7,A1200,E1000,etc..E1 is the most influenced.All their phones are modded by me.I like to help them coz they use Moto.If they use other brand,I won't help them....:D


Wow, your family and your friends rockzz! ;D Just me who used Motorola in my family...
Best regards,
Jeffri H.


holy moly.... my family was also influenced by me, but with Siemens... until I found the E398 Moto, but they still use their old phones :)


I will make all the people around the world using Motorola...:D
Maybe,it's just my dream and I'm a fanatic Moto fans...:)


I chose Motorola cause they are reliable phones, (A835 prooved that for me) and after using other phones decided Motorola are the best for style, Reliabilty, and after you google it modding

Most of my family use Motorola (Except my dad :( Samsung G600)

I've thought about switching to LG or Benq-Siemens for a lil while but can't do it, My E398 won't let me