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The Problem To End ALLLLL Problems

Started by Jaredsnaks, December 17, 2007, 10:31:58 AM

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first off i have read the message boards but i cant seem to find anything that would help me with my problem, so i beg u mods and others of Moto Hell, let me know what u think i should do

ok it starts out common bootloader issues tryrd to install wrong one blah blaah blah now phone dosent work, i am well aware of how to fix it i have downloaded the correct firmware for my phone but stupid me just left my phone on with the error message insted of fixing it right off and i didnt know that when my L7 is like that the battery dosent charge when i leave it connected to the computer, so now the batterys dead and it wont charge or let me reprogram my phone, anyone have any ideas on how to get my battery to charge or am i now the proud owner of a 200 somthin dollar paper weight

any info would be a great help :  )


use desktop charger or universal charger
it's very simple to use.


now, how much and where shold i get one of these universal chargers, and by desktop charger, is that the same as pluging it with a usb cable cause that dosent work :  ) but thx for the advice


The desktop charger is not going to work because (most probably) it works the same way as the USB cable.

Two solutions from me:
- Buy or borrow another battery
- Dangerous - you can take the battery out and make a manual charger yourself (by cutting wires from your charger and connecting them to the battery directly). I can't help here and I won't do that myself for sure (the battery can explode or you can make a serious electrical short circuit)... Only for professionals here mate :)


o yeah i'v had some bad experience with shorts so the re wiring is out of the question well i didnt want to have to buy anything but it looks like i'm gonna have to stop being cheap and buy a charger or something,

well thx for the help guys much gratitude :  )