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send text message through BLUETOOTH

Started by _am_, November 29, 2007, 07:12:06 AM

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can anyone tell me that is it possible to send text message through bluetooth to other phone ?? i have an e398
and one more question... where does the text goes when we receive text message from other phone from bluetooth..???
help anyone..... thankx...


send text message.txt?
patch your phone first with send file over bluetooth

the second question
not all format that we patch could be recieved by e398 except by default format


ok, but which patch should i apply... i m on RGF MP ...

and what are the default format that can be received by e398 ?? .. can u please tell in detail...
many many thanks for helping....


RGF 5 allredy has those patches applyed. Txt files are shown in media=>video you can open them ex. opera mini, mediaviever(some old MV can only open small txts) and other programs mainly thore which are used to browse memory


sorry to say but i can see no text msgs in VIdeos.. i used MV which is included in the iTunes....

and one more thing.. i cant even send Text msgs by the blue tooth.. (or i may not know how to send.) ... i opened the quick notes in the Messages and pressed the Menu button but there is no send on bluetooth option..... can you please tell in detail... thanks for helping....


what's motomaniacs said is you can send file with *.txt type over BT, but first you must patch your FW with patch send file over BT.

after that you can send files with type *.txt via bluetooth (not by writing on quick notes and press menu), by send the file to transflash (micro SD), and then open multimedia>video, you'll see the files there, and then u can highlight it and press menu, select copy or cut , select BT (just like when you send multimedia file over BT).

and the file will placed on video folder on your micro SD.To open it, just use readmaniac, i suggest u to use version 2.5.


Me and my friends used to chat by sending phonebook contacts or calendar notes over Bluetooth. Just for fun.


Quote from: menderin on December 05, 2007, 04:49:18 PM
Me and my friends used to chat by sending phonebook contacts or calendar notes over Bluetooth. Just for fun.

nice trick bro