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ilove3d ROKR EXTREME 2 (2007.11.26)

Started by vanhieumai, November 25, 2007, 09:19:51 PM

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November 25, 2007, 09:19:51 PM Last Edit: December 31, 2007, 02:36:04 AM by ilove3d
international one:

international two: :)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


newest firmware for rokr E2 made by ilove3d
Big thank to ilove3d :D


i just download and not test yet

google translated:
QuoteNot too long a packet, with the lack of time is really ...
Normally busy to go to work, do not want to work at night after another ...
Weekend good rest and not tossing about ...
Work, cough ...
So for a long time, but not also die, and therefore the power to the power to remind ourselves that it completed it, and consider it done it ...
This package can be changed in the four months ago, until now. Every weekend up a little bit, sometimes a casual procedure
This package can be changed in the four months ago, until now. Every weekend up a little bit, sometimes a casual procedure
to spend one or two months.
Software Manager and click XX function is spent nearly two months software.
I have never denied that I am dishes, such as the progress of this package, I tune of N long time, not get.
LASLY stepped engage in a long time, the effect will also, it is so it, or software manager and the clicking of XX is always the fear. .
ah ... You are always gave me when I despair a little bit of hope, cough ... I totally obsessed hopeless ...
You said to give up too difficult ...
Little said, and some people would suspect I wordy ...

How many individuals hope stars hope the moon, I am really so that the pressure ...
Although this package from my last contract has been very old, but still works can be called a hasty (depending on, and also works!)
For ROKR E2 from a full name, ROKR EXTREME 2, is of dubious origin from the packs.

Main Contents:
Click XX, software management software for the first two weight, the graphics entirely local QT C program (the last package I also would not say that the C language)

No SMS delay (perhaps RPWT will delay)
More script (S? * Means of implementation)
SD card installed themes (Click on the manual or installation)
SD card hellomoto (tone, insert automatically mount multi-district) - (allocated to security, or delete, or)
Web services built-in procedures, USB connection since the launch of NET (precondition is that you put into a web page directory / ezx_user / webroot)
Secondary Synopsis: (mentioning times? Abstract?)
Cg34 cg41 when I swapped positions
Cg37 cg42 canceled mount
Cg34 as squashfs format (At this point the cg34 refers to the language pack)
SD card format remains the same district, / dev/mmca1 - fat16, mmca5 - swap, mmca6 - ext3
In "My documents" / MMCA6 Below mount is. When MMCA6 click after no access to that the current did not mount, are not careful copies of the phone memory.
Opening MMCA5 MMCA6 need / ezxlocal / Below establish signs documents
. Mmca5 that activated virtual memory. Mmca6 said activating the second district
If you see BP S / W version is empty or not ROKR EXTREME 2, that you did not brush the success of BP after brushing into. Please pay attention to maintaining BP AP consistent with the version
(This package based on R564_G_12.01.48P China Mobile Custom, AP + BP ordinary original)

The author lists:
Motorola China Research Institute: original, the original buggy
Yan0, ly63, onlyone33, asmotoe2, and a group of people first hellomoto to play, directly or indirectly, by sharing experiences
Dotmonkey, lasly, dimichxp procedures provided by the various gods and people help
Letterb, flamefox, springrain, quijq technology group with the help of the master
Fay own struggles

This package is purely civil disruption, do not for commercial purposes
I pack all of this caused by the BUG any possible losses do not take responsibility
Brush - free, the consequences conceited.
The stickers do not teach how brush machine

I wish happy (cough, it is good words)
His last wish a happy birthday! (Selfish ah ...)
I wish lovers(more selfish ...)
Saying finished. ^ _ ^ A laugh.


November 25, 2007, 10:01:16 PM #1 Last Edit: November 29, 2007, 07:19:10 AM by ilove3d
we need a clear details about this firmware :P and english version not chineese
===== take a sit for the English description ====

click and ** functions:

.skin.rar .skin.zip .mtf
.tar.gz .tar.bz2 .tgz .gz .bz2 .rar. zip

rar and skin.rar supports password input

all these types supports click and view file list

in skin packages or ins package, .spec file can make you click and show the description of your package
in ins package, there're .install1.sh .install2.sh .uninstall.sh which means scripts before or after tat zxvf extract, and unistall script

skin packages can click and install to the SD card


phoneware manager:

which I wrote for months, fully build in native ezx QT, included all the functions you need to modify your JAVA/MPKG


autorun scripts surpports linux-like S??* scripts , startup.txt still supported too.



SD card multi-partitions can be mounted automaticly when you plug in the SD card
SD skin links also automaticly refreshed at the same time

note that you still need to use a tool in the tool-box to umount your sd card, and remove your sd-skin symbol-links

and, there're sounds notified when you plug or remove your SD card.
( the sounds from Windows XP hardware detected or removed )

thttpd service will be started if you connect E2 via usb-net mode
( you need /ezx_user/thttpd.conf first )


create some spec files can enable some functions

in /ezxlocal/:
.mmca5 means you need /dev/mmca5 as swap
.mmca6 means you need /dev/mmca6 as ext3 mounted in "mystuff"/MMCA6
.autopower means you need to start autopower daemon

creating these files you can use:
touch /ezxlocal/.mmca5 for example.
or, echo > /ezxlocal/.mmca5



No screenshots?
We need more details about it!


Quote from: glodos on November 25, 2007, 10:01:16 PM
we need a clear details about this firmware :P and english version not chineese

agree :P

anyway, downloading now


This MP is just AWESOME!
Beautiful boot image and wallpaper...
Toolbox with ALL the tools in chinese!  :'(
Waiting for the english version!  ;)


international one and source in next few days.


November 26, 2007, 04:51:34 AM #6 Last Edit: November 26, 2007, 05:19:20 AM by RafaelBrunner
Congrats for this amazing MP!


ok. we want it ;) Hope no bugs, sms delay, sound-skip, and FAST!
good luck



1 problem... it dont hv the music-ok key...
i've tried to flash the music-ok key kernel...
and it stucks at the boot screen


hellomoto all....first at all i declare myself noob...T.T....(this is my first post actually)
i'd flashed the extreme 2 f/w but the proccess stuck at 95% and i found that there is no CG39....i'd to kill my phone to start it up after flashing...
-nice firmware (no bug on system)..awesome
-i dont understand chinese (I need my chinese friend for translation..[I am Malaysian])
-i tried rockbox but i doesnt seem to work...
-im waiting for the international version...(@ilove3d : good luck, i love your works)


Thanks for that MP.. 

Time To make it ilove3d MP to International.. maybe ilove3d is too busy to make that.
ONly YOu Can make It INternational Extreme..


Waiting the release to download and flash!  :)



well, I'll provide the English version of phonewaremanager and rokr other than international one