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[E2] Experiment

Started by dj, November 24, 2007, 06:50:34 AM

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November 24, 2007, 06:50:34 AM Last Edit: December 08, 2007, 08:54:09 AM by Exploited
[E2] Experiment
- firmware based on R564_G_12.01.48P
- Language 0015
   - English, Bhs Indonesia
- ilove3d Kernel
- Real Time System Info
- My Tool Box (Snapsot, Phone manager, System Status, Reboot, Setup Timeout, Rename, Skin Settings, Startup massage, LinkSYS, MMC Manager, Refresh Phone & EFEM)
- System Sounds Original Moto
- Boot image Original Moto
- Skin :
  - Default (Alkali Silver)
  - Gnome
  - Z6
- Websession All Operator Indonesia
  - Profil : Im3, SatGPRS, Telkomsel, XlGPRS
- Good Sound Quality
- No iTap
- No Phone Talking
- Good Speed
- Input text message .,?!&@'-_:; ()"10
- C & * to lock/unlock keypad

Special Thanx :
- Motolovers, M3, Motohell, & All forum to Motorola
- Skin & MP makers
- Montox
- Kaeglez
- Raunamaxtor

DL Link


waaah akhirnya ditaruh sini linknya thx for share om
this is 1st Indonesian MP n fully compatibel with selular operator in Indonesia, it also equipped with common apps in the other lately MP


Nice Improvement from Indonesia.. Keep it up the good Work bro.. i'll support u.. :)


Please can you post the skins only??

Specially i want the third column skin, i love that icons :)

Thank You!


aha... good work om dijeh  ;)... I hope ur MP will be accept on around the world.... Keep Workin' bro


it sounds stable and I'm gonna flash this :)


mirrored and updated download link



Hi everyone im a new member of this forum I've just bought a motorola e2 and i havent flash my fone yet. I have some issues with stock firmware
first mp3 playback issues most important one and speed of the fone

I only want a good mp3 playback(volume level is enough for me)
and a stable phone
The question is that firmware for me or not please help me i need your suggestions before flashing my phone


ilove3d Ultimate or Extreme if you want stability

Katze4 if you want loud and good music quality

Only You if you want speed + different languages


Hey!Why there is no information,that it has Kaleidoskope functions,why iLove3d's?
That's all from Kaleidoskope by whitemoto,dimichxp,hobbit19..(motofan.ru)
Maybe this MP based on iLove3d's firmwares,but iLove3d's firmwares are based on russian Kaleidoskope\The One beta.
Same situations with kernel,iLove3d's kernel is dimichxp's kernel with mod by iLove3d,that's all.



aku wong indonesia juga... apa ada kendala saat menggunakan FW ini...? yang detail ya,,,


Alo ak jg org indonesia n kucoba bantu jawab ya.
This mp is stable n fast, for me its faster then k4re beta
the sound is good enough n not too loud also i like it when the startup n shutdown screen is stock hehe.
So far so good n dont have any annoying bug n the most important it has default setting for indonesia websession
coba bro dimas dijamin ga nyesel 


dj thank you for such a sweet firmware dude i luv it so much--faster dan extreme if u ask me.plus perfect usage of ilaunch gr8 wrk keep it up