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Question about Gaintables

Started by [Sniper], November 21, 2007, 03:22:43 PM

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One question I'd like about gaintables though, how do I change the gaintables to another custom made GT say GT7 by antrix? Is it as simple as flashing the phone or do I have to do something else? By the way using MotoMusiq v3 right now and the phone really rocks! Great sound though I think the bass has been way over tweaked at the expense of a clear sound system..need advice, just a noob here!hehehe..

Tnx fot the help in advance, really appreciate what you guy have done for newcomers like me! I'd also like to contribute to the community back someday when I've  learned enough modding! Thank you all and Godbless to everyone here!


warm welcome to motoHELL bro...
changing GTPT is deffinitely easier than flashing....
this way:
1.U need Mexplorer software.....
2.run Mexplorer n then connect ur phone to it....
3.after the software detect ur phone....enter the drive /a
4.u'll find param_table n gain_table there....(right click 2 copy it)
5.drag n drop ur chosen (nu) GTPT to drive /a where u find the origin GTPT.....
hpoe yuo unuedrstnad my exlpanaiton.......:)


If you want to use other gain tables on your phone, you just have to copy gain_table and param_table files to drive a: of your phone. You can use P2K Tools to do it.
Or you can use multiple gain tables on your phone. Just copy some gain tables you like to drive a: of your phone (don't forget to rename them with different names), install File changer to your phone, then use it to activate gain table you want to use.
I think it's much better if you want to use gain table that suits the music that you are playing. :)


see!!!,Suddenly u have two answer to solve ur problem....
oh,my loved motoHELL.....lol
hpoe tohse asnewr si eonguh.....


Wow, that was fast, lol! Anyway tnx for the replies really appreciate the help from these forums..hope to give back something to the community in the near future! More power to the forums, these modders really rock!