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new creation mod - physical mod/replacement

Started by austriker, March 06, 2010, 12:50:13 AM

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howdy guys,

so i am a bit of a novice at modding, i have worked seem edits before on my slvr and rokr but i recently felt a bit of nostalgia and pulled out my old rokr e1. I love the phone to death but i gotta new pantech duo about a year ago because i needed a better calender to stay organized..

basically i was wondering.. how hard would it be to like replace the insides of the rokr with a faster processor and stuff to make it faster, maybe even load it with like windows mobile or something.. i mean is that even possible??

i guess im looking to use my rokr e1 because i love it to death but it is just too slow and antiquated for me now, i cant go back after using WM6.1 because i use my phone to stay updated to the world and schedule myself.

so what do you pro modders think? would it even be possible or how would i start to upgrade it? or maybe a better option would be to find another phone like the rokr and buy it.. (i really like the HTC tilt 2)



If you only knew how many of us had ideas like that... Maybe you do, have you been on MotoModders before? :D

It's nice to see another one who really has feelings for his phone... I do, too...

You want something like ROKR? Then buy a ROKR! ROKR series: E1, E2, E6, Z6, E8, EM30, EM35! Make your choice :) I've got E8 now and I'm enjoying it... You can't say you want something like it and then go and get a HTC! We've got the best communities and Motos are really the most moddable phones! Hello Moto! ;)

About your ideas and questions... I'm not some pro tech guy, but after all the similar ideas and topics talked about... It's not possible... You can just enjoy it the way it is :)

Cheers, mate! Welcome to the forum ;)


howdy too, this is my first post since about 2 years  :P, but since you're question is really2 interesting, i can't help myself but to post this, :). at first many people already tried opening up their ROKR actually, and most of it found out that the internal parts are soldered or was one with it mainboard, think of it like netbook/nettop processor, if you manage to unsoldered them, and find a processor yourself i think you can physically mod it, but of course it means you know which part connect which point, since it's not like a socket base processor that can be easily identified, the modding can be really pain in head.

Oh and don't forget that to find an upgraded processor is also a pain in head, since ROKR processor is a costume-made i think not some generic interchangeable processor that PC or newer android phone have.

PS : I think i don't have to mention this, but, changing the other parts end up in the same explanation i told before.