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[E2] WINDOWS 3.1 on ROKR E2

Started by u4ia_eclipse, October 15, 2007, 11:18:59 AM

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October 15, 2007, 11:18:59 AM Last Edit: October 17, 2007, 09:06:29 AM by Exploited
Got the DOS Box and Windows 3.1 to work on my ROKR E2!

I followed the steps here -> https://motohell.com/index.php?topic=1378.0 (Thank you so much rodrigon121 for the tutorial on Windows 3.1 on Ming!)

and guess what! It also worked on my E2! But it runs slow AND you can't access the input for the letters and stuff because it needs a touchscreen..
Well there's a good news because the joystick and other buttons work..

Joystick Left = Up
Joystick Right = Down
Joystick Up = Right
Joystick Down = Left
OK key (when you press the joystick) = Enter
Play/Play Button = Space
Next Button = Ctrl
Prev Button = Esc
Volume - = Shift
Volume + = Alt

Okay, so these are the steps that i did:

1) Download these programs:
   Download DOSbox for PC

   Download DOSbox for A1200/E6

Or download both at http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/242/28/

   Download Windows 3.1
   EDIT: WAREZ... Sorry - search elsewhere

2) You then should install DOSbox on PC and DOSbox on ROKR E2.

3) Unzip Windows 3.1.rar to a folder in your computer..


4) Open DosBox for PC and type:

mount c c:\dos

You'll get this message: "Drive C is mounted as local directory c:\dos".  This is to mount the folder "C:\Dos" as the "C:\" in DosBox

5) Then type this in DosBox:

cd windows3.1

This is to run the Windows 3.1 setup.

6) Install Windows 3.1 on "C:\dos\windows\". Continue till the installation is finished.

7) Once the installation is done. Explore your ROKR E2's memory card using Windows Explorer.

    Copy "c:\dos\" to your phone's memory card in "[memory card root directory]\dos"

8 ) When you open DosBox for ROKR you wont be able to input any letters beacuse their is not touchscreen.

9) So to run Windows 3.1 you have to include it to the DosBox autorun.
    Go to ".system\QTDownLoad\dosbox" in your memory card and open "dosbox.conf" in a text editor

10) scroll down to the end of dosbox.conf" and you will see a [autoexec]

11) Replace it with the one written here:

mount c /mmc/mmca1/dos
cd windows
# Lines in this section will be run at startup.

12) Start DosBox from your phone, autoexec code will run and Windows 3.1 will immediately load.

There ya go. i'll be experimenting more with the programs. Thanks!


October 15, 2007, 12:58:23 PM #1 Last Edit: October 15, 2007, 01:17:08 PM by sjj
I pressed on the DOS icon but nothing happened, I installed the application on phone memory...
And followed all your instructions...

EDIT: It needs root permission...

Is there a way to remove the bar at the bottom?


October 15, 2007, 01:09:24 PM #2 Last Edit: October 15, 2007, 01:21:30 PM by u4ia_eclipse
i just figured out that the keypad buttons and the joystick works! weee!  8)

Joystick Left = Up
Joystick Right = Down
Joystick Up = Right
Joystick Down = Left
OK key (when you press the joystick) = Enter
Play/Play Button = Space
Next Button = Ctrl
Prev Button = Esc
Volume - = Shift
Volume + = Alt

You can run almost any DOS program on DosBox BUT with the limitation that the phone's memory can allow it. And bad news the phone's memory is not that big.
U can run TurboC, Windows 3.1, DOS games, etc.

I tried running DOOM but a "not enough memory" error appeared. I also tried running the Mario DOS Game and it worked. Keys written above works. BUT the program is super slow. VERY SLOW. The speed is unplayable..


There are some settings in the config file that controls the CPU, try changing the values there....


Use bigger swap, maybe 128mb and do overclock... Maybe it works...
Best regards,
Jeffri H.


I need a tab button and a button to exit dosbox, so I don't have to turn off my phone everything I want to quit dosbox....


Yup i agree. We need a tab button and a way to exit dosbox.

What i do to exit dosbox is to hold the Music key so the Task Manager will show up. Then i select "usr/sysqtapp/phone/phone" and then i select "Menu/Raise" Once the home screen appears DosBox exits.. sometimes i have to do it multiple times for it to work.. and sometimes the exit doesnt work.



I managed to remove the bottom bar but it leaves a black space there, is there anyway to make it fullscreen?


how did u remove the bottom bar?


Open the bmp file(forgot the filename but there is a bmp file in the dosbox folder) with paint and make it 1x1, then save the image...

Is there anyway to change the resolution to 320x240(inside windows3.1), because everything now is being scaled down and causes text to be very unreadable...


Some photos, with the bottom bar removed...

These photos were taken with ROKR E2 with macro lens....


i figured out how to remove the bottom bar completely.

open dosbox.conf

set hk_softkeypad to 4144. 4144 is the call button. (or set it to any button you like)

press that button and it will toggle the bottom bar on/off.


anyone else knows the rest of the keypad mapping numbers for the e2?
these are the ones included in dosbox:

# keypad define for E690
# * OK:      4100
# * Up:      4115
# * Down:   4117
# * Left:   4114
# * Right:   4116
# * Call:   4144
# * Hung:   4145
# * Real:   4147
# * Cam AV:   4173
# * Cam:   4148
# * Vol+:   4118
# * Vol-:   4119
# * Prev:   4171
# * Pause:   4169
# * Next:   4172

anyone knows the rest? like for the numbers and softkeys?