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I can't acess P2K Tools! Can you Help-me please?

Started by yazbits, October 09, 2007, 07:18:51 PM

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I have a E398B cellphone, I don't have a Trans Flash MemoryCard and I want to install a new java game or skin. I downloaded all softwares to do that, like P2K tools, Skinner Man, Moto Skin, Moto KJava, and P2K Commander, but in all when i connect my phone it appears disconected, and my PC bips 3 or 4 times.
I'm asking for your help, I don't know what to do. Do I have a big problem, is there some problem with my phone? What can I do?


your phone is set on data cable or on data/fax
it must be set on data/fax.

did you install p2k the drivers? from p2k tools folder or other?



twisted ur cable.. P2k software are so sensitive with the cables..



I'm still trying it, but I don't have any success. I put it on data/fax connection, I have all drivers installed, but it still not working. The first time I put it after install the drivers, it tried to install, but after a small time appears a message saying that occured a problem while installing my phone. I'm getting frustrated now, i don't know what i have to do.

Note: Sorry the errors in english, I'm from Mozambique, and I don't know english very well.


put your data cable to other usb port then try to re-installing


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the same problem was happened to me last week.. i can't conneced my phone(e398) with my computer.. n this is wat i've done.. first, i re-install the OS and re-install the drivers for motorola phone( i've forgot the name exactly, sorry) and restart the computer..

i was try to re-install the drivers, but its cant work..  >:( >:( i think theres something wrong with the OS..

its work.., now the phone was connect again  8) 8)

**Hopely my exerience will be able to solve the problem.. Thanks**


I ever got this problem too!
I just do open P2K tools, connect my phone!
Sometime in this step my phone still not connected.
So, I just start clicking between tabs (P2K mode, AT mode, Obex) and back to P2K mode, wait a second and my moto connected:


I have  this problem too!
I installed the drivers and conected my phone and only appear
connected in mode AT but in mode P2K doesn´t work. I Had used P2K tools, P2k comander and P2k- AE.
my phone is in mode data/ fax and is E398b.  Please somebody helpme

sorry for my english


may be you can use mswitch.driver must be instal bro.motorola USB Driver 32 ;)


I will try to help u, possibly due to the connection from your phone is dirty, clean first try to reconnect again after that