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P2K Tools VS

Started by MotoModder, July 06, 2007, 09:43:19 AM

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i dont know, 4 share this my problem..
admin, if i wrong please remove this... :)
Some body can to help me.....
i've geted this tool, and than i try it..
after HP conected, and than i click tab shortcut.but when i click tab shortcut, and than refreshed it.
my shortcut in my HP can't be read this tool.
my be some body can explain why like that...
and how to solve this problem...
sorry my english bad
thank u  :) :)


Maybe your driver installation is incompleted.
So,try to re-install with stab your data cable in another usb port.


I've reinstalled that my driver again Mr....
but after that, of result is the same...
sortcut can't  be read.........
what the specification of computer is influence this tool???
what wrong again??? :(


I think,no problem about spec,it's enough for Pentium 3 400mhz or AMD k5 and many other in that class with 128mb of RAM.
Make sure that your file downloaded completed.
And make sure that you install the right drivers.
Try download My drivers,only click My share Files.


I dont know...
i have doing that instruction like that..
but the result still p2k VS, not read shortcut....
mybe somebody know addres of voice record???


Try use P2K ToolsVS get from my folder...gutluck :)