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Started by poerhardware, September 18, 2007, 09:47:45 PM

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September 18, 2007, 09:47:45 PM Last Edit: November 20, 2007, 01:55:05 PM by Exploited
Special Music Edition With SoundStrom effect
this is iTunes stable version from PoerHardware.
Top speed timing iTunes_MOD
- Combination from [iTunes_4.42_BETA2]
- fix for iTunes[Pro Version] Mod by me
- fix for all java String Code from iTunes_Pro version
- fix java String Code for Sound system
- fix Hide Mode(press *)
- fix for aplication error
- fix PhoneManger
- fix MediaViewer for iTunes
- New Structure iTunesPro
- Support Artwork MODE
- adding plugins in ahead menu
- Fast accses iTunes Menu
- Fast accses all Menu
- Fast accses Shortcut for all plugins
- Fast hide and unload MODE
- TuneUp string up to 6%(test with poer@Soft)
- remove iShell Menu/disable MODE
- remove iShell for Fast accses
- remove some folder in iTunes,for top speed Accses.
- remove some plugins from MediaViewer[MediaViewer_all_Message]
- remove some Class file from iTunes,for fast accses.
- Support for E398 and E1 with FW patch Java-Full-accses.
- more stable from previous version
- Skin iTunes4.42Pro_Alpha4
- fix Plugins from iTunes4.43Pro
- Plugins : PhoneMAN,Clock,Recorder,PB-Tools,SkinCharger,
- Last update from version iTunes_PRO.
- MediaViewer,you to browse your phone files and change attributes.
- MediaViewer,fix of the melody_DB(by delete of MyTone.db file)
- and MediaViewer,capture photos with the camera and many others.
- and with SoundEditor Plugins, await the incoming version from me.
- cause I still check the its java.
MediaViewer Support :
KeyPad iTunes :
- * for Hide
- 0 for Unload
and Key for all plugins :
- 0 for Exit
note :
- for blue screen or orange screen,
- iTunes in pursuance of process loding.
- become please await the iTunes do the process loading.
- iTunes of not agree to firmware or flex which you use.
- iTunes of not agree to skins which you use.
- instalation iTunes not be successful.
- iTunes Not support for Firmware 79R Original_ROKR-E1(0A.02),
- please you patch 79R for java fullAccses.
Thanks to :
- pizzadox619 (for idea)
- BodyGuard (for RGF skins iTunes)
- Zigot (for skin iTunes_simpley v.01)
- Skins Makers (WindowsMedia11)
- Motolovers,modmymoto,letsmoto,motohell,e398mod,motofunvn,
Credits :
- Sun Microsystems Inc
- Motorola,Apple,Vassio,Valleo
- all Progrm Tools_Editor_java
- POER(java_MOD)
- BlackZone(Translator)
- Eko-E1(Test_iTunes)
Sorry for my bad English
Created by PoerHardware/RedKingMaster

Download Link :


hhello I am fan of your work, is posibel to put plugins to him (tweak and senergy) of the mv 4.44 by to poer, by the way test in v360 0FR and goes very well



thx for the iTunes
thx for updating


I wonder if this time Mr. Poer wants to tell us how did He add skin changer as a plugin or not :)
cause I'm curious :D


November 21, 2007, 03:16:01 PM #5 Last Edit: November 21, 2007, 03:22:16 PM by ibrohim
I am using this iTunes now. More simple than the previous version. But I found a problem with this one. The DBCreator can't work well. My songs only 193, but the DBCreator always stop at 100%. So I have deleted iTunes from Trans. But nothing happening.

@Exploited, Masta
thank for uploading.........


Smtimes iTunes is like waht u said ibrohim....
if I got that problem I just try to restart my phone.....n then I found the db created......... or tried 2 create db again....
All fine 4 me...


So I have done that. But I got no better fortune. Must I migrate to my previous iTunes? 
Masta Poer, do something for it,


Why don't you try using the MediaViewer iTunes dB creator and make sure to check "include all songs".  This works for me.


I got a night-mare with this iTunes plugin: Phone Book Manager!
I use phone book manager to backup the contacts, of course it works flawless. BUT I am unaware that it only backups PHONE memory not backing up SIM contact.
and then it comes, I use this feature to (OMG) clear phone memory, it delete also SIM memory.  :o


if you had backup your phonebook, Phone Book Manager saved your phonebook on phone and SIM memory.
if you restore it, all phonebook will placed on phone memory.


I just double checked, its just backup phone mem, but when delete, it deletes also sim mem!


Nope mate, it restores both SIM and Phone contacts. Im VERY sure about it.
And now, can some1 update this iTunes to 4.53, i read thats the new version in RockMantic MPs?


i have motorola rokr e1 with itunes ver1.0
can i replace it with this new virsion of yours & haw can i do it
thank you