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Camera Issue on L6

Started by PacoL250, September 07, 2007, 02:33:42 AM

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A friend of mine has an L6 and after some tinkering I got it pretty much the way he wanted it. However there's an issue with the camera...

Every time he goes into the camera (be it video or just photo), the screen shows up garbled. Turns out he's at the highest setting that's apparently possible but the phone doesn't support it, so he just goes down to the next lowest setting and it works fine. However, the camera still defaults to the highest resolution and such and he gets a garbled screen when he's in the camera.

Anyway to turn off the highest setting? I'd give more details but he's out of town for school until November, but I want to get the SEEMs (or any other settings) that I saved ready so I can just upload them when he gets back.



You can better flash the monster pack from the other thread - it sounds to be a software issue


my friends l6 when we tried to take some pictures.. it hangs,.,, hardware?


no i think it is the software try installing a mp or a stock mp