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SMS Alert in iTunes/Media Viever

Started by EOG, August 25, 2007, 08:54:28 PM

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I've read at momo that there is something like SMS Alert in some iTunes.
Does iTunes Revolution has it or not?
How to enable and set it?

If iTunes Revolution has not this finction.



For example if someone stole your mobile and put his SIM Card
SMS Alert will automaticly send an SMS to pointed mobile with IMSI(serial code of SIM) of his card and you can report it to police and your operator they will track the SIM Card and find your mobile(very quickly 'cause the operator knows where you are when you log in(turn on mobile; send SMS recive SMS; make Call; Recive Call; use GPRS)

SMS Alert will not send the message if you put your card.

I am almoust sure that iTunes Revolution has this function 'cause I know java(a bit) and there are some classes doing thad but I do not know how to enable SAM Alert function and how to confihurate it


You need to put a file named "iTunes.dat" on "/a/" (/a/iTunes.dat)
the file is a simple text file with the structure:

imsi0=[your SIM0 IMSI number]
imsi1=[your SIM1 IMSI number (optional)]
imsi2=[your SIM2 IMSI number (optional)]
imsi3=[your SIM3 IMSI number (optional)]
no0=[Number0 to send the alert message]
no1=[Number1 to send the alert message (optional)]
no2=[Number2 to send the alert message (optional)]
no3=[Number3 to send the alert message (optional)]
text=[Message Text]

This way, you can use up 4 different SIMs on the same phone with this config. Togheter with your [Message Text], will be send the IMSI number of the SIM using your phone and other info.


August 26, 2007, 12:33:32 AM #4 Last Edit: August 26, 2007, 12:40:49 AM by EOG
Thanks I've found it a secound ago

I did it but when I put 'wrong' SIM Cart the mobile starts to reeboot itself so it looks suspicious. I use iTunes Revolution on elektro255 04a4 firmaware is it iTunes(reboot for reason/error in code) or firmware problem.


Oh,now I got it. Actually I knew it before,but didn't thought its name was SMS alert.. ;D


Is the IMSI number written next to SIM's connector (16 characters)?


Quote from: Wikipedia(English ver)An IMSI is usually 15 digits long, but can be shorter (for example MTN South Africa's IMSIs are 14 digits). The first 3 digits are the Mobile Country Code, and is followed by the Mobile Network Code (MNC), either 2 digits (European standard) or 3 digits (North American standard). The remaining digits are the mobile subscriber identification number (MSIN) within the network's customer base.

Quote from: Wikipedia(Polsish ver)IMSI can not be longer than 15 chars

Quote from: Wikipedia(German ver)The IMSI has always 15 indications

Quote from: Wikipedia(Russian ver)IMSI contains 15 symbols.

I conclusion:
-IMSI cannot be longer than 15 chars


I have EE and 14 digits.

Do I have to type only the numbers into the file or EE too?


plizzzz.. tell me how to make a dat file??


1. Open notepad
2. Write what you wished to be in .dat file
3. Sava as name.dat(ex. itunes.dat)

That is all to make dat file


Tools > Folder options > uncheck "hide extension of known filetypes" > Rename *.txt to *.dat > Thats it..


How obtain MSIN number?IMSI=MCC  MNC  MSIN,


BGXsoulja's iTunes SMS alarm instructions

For SMS alarm - you need to create file iTunes.dat with the following contents:
imsi"N"=x // N is the number of how many sim cards you have
no0= // where the alarm will be sent
no1= // where the alarm will be sent

The separator in the file can be "\r\n" or "/" in notepad.exe

After restart you will see:
yellow - sim number stored
green - sim card known in memory
red - unknown card - SMS sent

If there is a free imsi slot (eg you already added your primary card and it is saved in imsi0, but
there is still another line imsi1=x - then when you put new card it will be saved there and NO Sms will be sent)

E.G. how I done it & I have only one sim card
I opened iTunes.dat with notepad & puted next info

text=My phone is stolen!!! This is not joke.. don't reply to this msg!! Contact BodyGuard ASAP!!


To start the SMS alarm functions copy edited itunes.dat to your mobile phone to /a/itunes.dat

Restart your phone.
A YELLOW light should appear after a short while. (it stored your imsi0 number)
Restart your phone again.
A GREEN light should now appear. (it recognised your simcard)

if you see RED light that means that is another sim card inserted & alamr msg is sent...


This text is taken from "iTunes SMS alarm instructions.txt" that came with Revolution Grand Finale MP.


Thanks Menderin ,now,sms alarm works good!