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MiniCommander 2.4 by Yuri Kudrin

Started by Jithin, September 02, 2007, 06:23:25 PM

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Update by Linxun from MoMo

Changes in the latest version(2.4 from 31.08.2007):
  • random play audio player (button 3).
  • Opening images. BMP or. WBMP (perhaps for a few phones will not work).
  • The size of the files in all dialogues are now issued as follows : if the file is less than 1 Kb, in bytes, if more than 1 MB in megabytes, or disc.
  • Sort by date(from senior to junior) (in the archives will not work).
  • Show date change file viewing properties (button 1).
  • Help keys in the player (caused by the right tool button or menu button).
  • In dialogues copy / move / decode displays path destination. The dialogue remove displays current path.
  • Memorization cursor position (customizable).
  • Archive file pulled J2MEX.PAT FORMATS.TXT and added to the list of supported formats.
  • Setting color for the main window with a bar. Ability to import / export flowers to mc_colors.bin file in the current folder.
  • Button 'Back' at the bar in the SE / audio player / picture now works upon release, and when you do not. So now you can stay programme, remaining in the same window.
  • It showed the file size in the video player..




thanks for sharing.. the app it's really great as a file manager