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wolf2007 MP 1.2 for V360

Started by .::Rey::., August 31, 2007, 04:55:45 pm

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August 31, 2007, 04:55:45 pm Last Edit: September 01, 2007, 11:46:07 am by .::Rey::.
Well its released and its better than ever..In my opinion it is the most complete v360 mp ever made..
cocolino_dbro's mp for the V360

This time, there are three "flavours" of wolf2007 1.2:
- one without LP (so you can keep your existing languages)
- one with custom English multifont LP (the English language has 5 fonts: the default Moto font, Arial, Lucinda, SouvenirLight and VerdanaSmall)
- one with custom Romanian multifont LP (the Romanian language has the same fonts as above)

Note that the multifont feature is still under development; if you find it buggy or simply you don't like it, please use wolf2007 MP 1.2 without LP

All versions are for 08.A0/08.D0 bootloader


(new in v 1.2 in blue)

Firmware features

- R4513_wolf-MP.ACR firmware
- removed RSA verification
- customized bootscreen
- compatible with sticky firmwares (AER, E0R)
- iTunes (or MediaViewer) menu icon (in Multimedia)
- USB Charging option (in Initial Setup)
- Block network signal option in Initial Setup (Airplane Mode)
- Nightmode in Initial setup (automatic change of ring styles)
- Reboot Phone option (in Settings - Phone Status)
- useless folders on TF removed
- Display Timeout 20sec, 40sec, 1 minute, 2 minutes
- new and improved Autolock keypad option (in Initial Setup) - keypad locks at the time set for Display Timeout
- Automatic unlocking of keypad when certain events occur

- lock keypad Menu + Green, unlock Menu + Red
- Imei on * 6
- Opcode on Menu 0
- * + * opens Main Menu from almost everywhere (running a Java app, browsing, during call etc)
- retain calls list (dialed and received) when changing sim card
- sound&vibration when using the side volume keys eliminated
- new date format (dd.mm.yy instead of dd/mm/yy)
- iTap increased to 15kb
- iTap as default entry mode in corelets
- mms size 1000kb (network dependant)
- improved sms/mms delivery reports feature. You can now select Yes or No and your choice will be retained
- sms ringing tone is the default one (the one selected in Ringing Styles) even for phonebook entries that have a custom tone associated
- ringtones and phonebook contacts pictures from TF
- Blacklist category in Phonebook
- snooze time in Alarm Clock changed from 8 min to 10 min

- automatic photo saving (after selecting Store)
- new zoom levels when viewing pictures (200 and 250 instead of 50% and 75%)
- corelets listed in Apps&Games (can be loaded in memory from here, but they still need to be launched using the Corelet icon in Multimedia menu)
- also, corelets can be moved to TF (possible better for the battery)
- java apps working with the usb cable connected
- all Java apps (from TF and from phone's memory) are shown in a single list - extra Java icon removed
- full Java access to system files
- tuning of display backlight behavior in Java apps from the phone's menu
- Java apps can be suspended (and can continue working) in background
- no confirmation asked when running Java apps from datebook
- custom vibration style in Java apps
- status line in Java apps can be removed
- status line icons changed (swapped Active Line with Location)

- all folders accessible in OBEX mode
- increased Bluetooth standby time
- receive all kind of files through BT (in video folder)



- flip-close shortcuts and operations (reject call, turn off the phone, start&stop audio playing, start audio record, view phonebook and calls list, set BT on/off, change usb settings, change ring styles etc.)
- dual corelet (MediaViewer and iTunes), both skinned to match the default skin of this MP
- Mac look for DRM
- custom startup&shutdown animations and sounds
- custom mma_ucp
- the skins are using their own "DRM" icons (icons like USB, Video Camera, iTunes, PTT etc aren't taken anymore from DRM; they're changing with the skin)

- 6 Skins
- 7 Java Apps
- websession file for Vodafone Romania
- seem edits (60 records in received and dialed calls list, keypad lock, unlimited video recording, video styles, engineering menu enabled, dnp.prf enabled and many others...)
- PTT key and PTT Settings enabled (special request). If you're planning to use the PTT feature, you must fallback to the original key mapping (you'll lose the flip-close shortcuts and operations) or change the key mapping as you desire. In the archive you'll find three versions of key mapping (original, with PTT key, with flip-close operations); use seem editing software to upload them to your phone
- dnp.prf for English and Romanian languages

UPDATE ON 19 AUG 2007: It has been discovered a major bug in this version: the phone is constantly rebooting when battery is almost empty (when it should give discharge warnings). I'm looking for the cause and hopefully I'll find it fast.


4shared links:
wolf2007 MP 1.2 without LP
wolf2007 MP 1.2 custom English Multifont LP
wolf2007 MP 1.2 custom Romanian Multifont LP


Yes, looks like a complete E398-like MP :)

Can you fix the download links please?



If you can't access www.inbrite.com, try to add this line into the file c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts: www.inbrite.com