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Author Topic: .::Rey361::. v0.2 mp for V360  (Read 6996 times)
« on: August 31, 2007, 06:45:05 am »

More screenshots

If you wish to use this firmware do it on your own risk!I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY IF YOU DAMAGE YOUR PHONE!

This is an upgrade of my .::Rey361::. v0.1 mp.Has everything as the v0.1 plus some more patches and some "face lifting" changes in skins/audio/pics etc.All new changes are colored blue.
Firmware: R4513_G_08.B7.ABR
Flex: Rey361 v0.2
Langpack: No langpack is included
DRM: DXFactor's iPhone color version
Compatible: Its suitable for 08.A0/08.D0 bootloaders and phones with sticky firmwares.You can flash to it even if your phone currently has AER/EOR.

-PDS Patch (The mp can be flashed over sticky firmwares.You still need 08.A0/08.D0 bootloader)
-Deleted unnecesary folders from TF (Backup your files from the TF card before formating!)
-Retain list of calls (received and outgoing) when changing sim card
-Java apps working with the usb cable connected
-Display backlight not controlled by java apps
-Reboot option instead of Software Upgrade in Phone Status

-SMS Delivery Report, default to Yes
-USB Charging option instead of "Animation" option in Initial Setup
-Menu + 0 opens Opcodes
(to learn how to use them see this )
-Corelets listed in Games & Apps
(now you can restart MediaViewer if you have unloaded it without rebooting the phone.Just select MV from Games & Apps and wait enough time before pressing the red button to return to the main screen.)
-Disable Signal Mod instead of 6"Status light" option in Initial Setup
(This actually works like airplane mode.BUT ITS NOT THE REAL THING.Airplane mode stops all network traffic.Disable Signal mod does not.Do not use it to places where true Aiplane mode is required.This is a mod where the phone selects the wrong network and so you cannot make/receive calls/sms.You can still use bluetooth.)
-Default sms/mms tone for phonebook contacts with custom ringing tone associated

===========STANDAR MODS===========
-Unlimited video/ Record to mp4/ Video Styles/ Video Quality/ Brightness Adjustment
-Custom startup/shutdown animations/sounds that you can simply change by replacing them with some of your own preference
-Custom outer lcd image that you can simply change by replacing it with one of your own preference
-Message Option : Expire after ...
-Delete confirmation
-Allow Use of Pictures on Removable Media for Phonebook
-Flip Close Mod
-IM enabled in "Multimedia"
-300kb mms limit
-50 incoming and outcoming calls limit
-Preinstalled websessions for GREEK Cosmote/Vodafone/Tim (look here for replacing them )

-MediaViewer v1.0 (Hit menu+1 to run./Full screen Pictures/Mp3 Player/Midman Manager/send over bluetooth/cut-copy-paste-delete-rename-change permissions/ some of the standar posibilities of MediaViewer.MV takes up memory and makes the phone slower.Unload it when you don't need it and reload it from Games & Apps menu whenever you need it.)
-Students Calculator
-Dictaphone for audio recording
(even with flip closed)
-DAP 5.0.15
(You can lock any file on you phone to protect it from unwanted looks)
-Java e-Book: Opcodes (keep the most useful opcodes on you for seem editing on the road)
-1 game

All skins are 3x4
-iPhoneMotoX (with animated wallpaper)
-Black Vista (with animated wallpaper)
-PenguinMoto (with animated walpaper)

What you CAN'T do
-Because of the Flip Close Mod there is no longer a voice dial key.The keymapping is like this : / voice key=fire key / smart key=red key / browser key launches video camera / handsfree key=right key.
You can use opcodes to change them really fast.For example:

Change wired headset back to normal
Hit Menu+0 to open opcodes
write 47*91*1*51*1*051 , hit [OK]
if you see Results F1: 0 means successful, 1 failed.
Hit 34, [OK] to restart the phone.
To give the wired headset the value of "right button" do as before and
write 47*91*1*51*1*047
and 34 to reboot
Another example:
Browser key opens Browser
47*91*1*30*1*066, [OK]
34, [OK]
Browser key opens Videocamera
47*91*1*30*1*021, [OK]
34, [OK]

Because some of my shortcuts are in Greek here they are translated..
3)Received Calls
6)Opcodes v0.1
9)BT on
10)BT off

Some notes

    *  To fully customize the startup/shutdown animations/sounds and external pic all you need to do is to replace them.

    The files can be found:

    /c/mobile/picture/wakeup.gif        /c/mobile/picture/shutdown.gif        /c/mobile/picture/c.gif
    /a/mobile/audio/Cust_Start~up.mp3      /a/mobile/audio/Power~down.mp3
    The names of the files are case sensitive so make sure your files are named exactly like my files.

    * Opcodes are very usefull if you learn how to use them.It is seem editing on the road!Yuet is providing some opcodes from his site .The most easy opcode is 34 to reboot your phone.

    * I have made a dnp.prf file based on my LP0031.So if you use these languages:

    English (ID:03)
    Greek (ID:17)
    Romanian (ID:22)
    Bulgarian (ID:10)
    italian (ID:09)
    German (ID:07)
    Russian (ID:23)
    you should see in Initial Setup the options "USB Charging" and "Disable Network" and "Reboot         Phone" in Phone Status.If you see "Animation" and "Status Light" then your language isn't added     in the dnp.prf.You can edit my /a/dnp.prf or create your own with Random's Language Editor.

Many thanks to everyone at Inbrite for the cool patches they provided me.

If for some weird reason you still want the v0.1 mp you can find it here.

Please do send me your feedback.Bugs/suggestions/questions anything please contact me.

If you can't access, try to add this line into the file c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts:
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« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2007, 11:04:56 pm »

Thank you very much for that MP... + it have Bulgarian langpack - I will share it a lot around here Smiley

« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2007, 11:57:28 pm »

This great MP
Thx For share
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