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Messages - tankian

i'm just new bie..
any one can help me give a software for instaling skin and aplication for E2, cause i'm still confused to install skin with telnet (ftp when i copy to folder app write>>theme..my computer say you don't have permisiion to put this file

i have e398 n v3i when i want to install skin i used skin manager
when i will install aplication i used motomidman
when i will editing web sesion,gaintable i used P2Ktolls VS

any one can help me...to give a software like this but for E2 i;ve tried all that program with E2 but the connected..
Monster Packs / Re: E2[FW]Zero 4AP--Tyrano Series
October 02, 2009, 01:37:54 AM
can yuou help me give a link to download P2k for editing your gaintable...please ::)
 ;) thanks ahmed...jazakallah..syukron

my phone trun to blackstom and now normal
my question ifr i will be maxx 3 again it's is work?..or just like before
 ;) hehe mas...
i'm wait your new MP with suport Micro SD 2GB

maju terus indonesian moder

matur nuwun nggeh mass...
minal aidzin wal faizin
mohon maaf lahir dan batiin....met idul fitri 1430H

i will put micro sd 2gb in my v3i that i've flased it with your motolover
my question.. it's work for my v3i?
i'm not yet buy a micro sd 2gb
Motorola A780/A1200/E2/E6/E680/V8/Z6 / bugs on Maxx 3
October 01, 2009, 07:48:43 AM
 i have e2 and flashed with Maxx 3 frimeware
after 3 day's i used
i can't write a new sms or i can't write a word in my phone..
what's wrong with my phone??
any one can help me....!
Monster Packs / Re: [E2] MAXX 3 4AP
October 01, 2009, 07:39:07 AM
I have flashed my phone with this MP
i got a problemm
i can not  create a SMS in my phone..?
what's wrong with my phone..?
any one can help me..!
Monster Packs / Re: E2[FW]Zero 4AP--Tyrano Series
September 27, 2009, 05:20:18 AM
assalamualiakum... mohamed david..
this is the best FW in my phone...
your Gain Table very good...
i like Tyrano Series ....
hope you make FW again wih the best skin..like krakatau I
coz i can't instal skin in my phone...

i'm just newbie...hehehe
masta ritz..
thanks for your MP..
i've DL it and i have downgrade my V3i from R47A OA.52 to R479 OA.30
so I flash with it
and i surprise.. my V3i began very2 good
i love with your MP, like your nano and it

sorry for my bad english

nyuwun ngapunten mas..menika nek inggris kulo salah2 nggehh....
I thing this is a nice MP
i will download it and i'll flash it for my phone
thank's ... Nguyen..
Langpacks / Re: LP 0034 FOR V3i
September 20, 2009, 05:46:53 AM
is this work for V3i R4441D...?
I have v3i with Sw R4441D..