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i have try using DAR but that MP but i just be able to using call alert from TF..
not sms..
how to change sms alert from t-flash?
how do I change sms sound, so I can allow the voice of my t-flah for use as sms sound?

Motorola E398/E790/E798/E1 / how to change 79r to below
September 10, 2011, 01:52:45 am
teman teman, motorola ku telah kembali seperti semula...
s/w R373_G0.E.79R
jika saya ingin melakukan flashing, bagaimana supaya saya bisa menggunakan s/w di bawah s/w 79R? terima kasih..
maaf kalau repost

friends, my motorola is back to normal ...
s / w R373_G0.E.79R
if I want to do the flashing, how so I can use the s / w under the s / w 79R? thanks ..
sorry if repost
i have download all MP from http://www.e398mod.com/
but it still on botloader..
my rokr e1 on botloader says that phone code sign error.
is that my phone stuck at 79R?
give solution.

help me please???
give me instruction, because i don't have backup this e1
Motorola E398/E790/E798/E1 / help me please (newbe)
August 02, 2011, 05:04:21 pm
tolong bantu saya
saya sedang mengalami masalah..
handphone motorola e398 milik saya kalau digunakan untuk sms selalu MACET pada saat saya mengetik huruf ke-5. saya menggunakan motorola 07.e0 R373_G_oe_30_46R(MotoMusiQ v2 46R )
terima kasih ...

please help me
I'm having problems ..
Motorola E398 mobile phone that used to belong to my sms always jammed when I typed the letter to-5. I use a motorola 07.e0 R373_G_oe_30_46R (MotoMusiQ v2 46R )
thank you ...
please give solusi... i  dont know all(newbe)
pada master-master modding rokr r1 mohon bantuannya...rokr e1 punyaku abis upgrade gag bisa balik...tetep masuk boot loader aja...coba ganti MP tetep gitu...
mohon banyak bantuannya...terima kasih...