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Topics - Schrick'Z

Alhamdulillah ...
Finally , I could release my 1st MP ..

Big Thanks to Macho 4 this awesome FW ..
Thanks 4 all the moderators , modders and members of MotoHell and Motousers ..
Special thanks to all masta that have share their knowledge in DAR topic ..

For E398/E1 BL 07.DO ,..
Bootscreen : Attrix 4G Dual Core
Start up ani : Moto Droid X red eye bootanimation (edited to green)
Power off ani : Moto Milestone red circle bootanimation
Start up n shut down sounds : Droid transforming

Drm edited , added some new icons from android themes .

Skin: 3 skins , all by me , just 3 simple skin.
- droid-x (remake)
- cyanogen (fixed)
- honeybread (previously unreleased)

LP with font 19 + some new softkey symbols :
- English with iTap
- Russian with iTap
- Turkish
- Indonesian
for those who want to use arabic, it's separate in the pack ..

Java :
- Filechanger
- Gmail
- Jimm multi
- Opmin 4.3 id
- Minicommander
- MP3tools 2.4 Eng
- UC Browser 7.7

Syssounds changed and *.vibe moved to /c ..

Gain_table , templated 5 GT in a/mobile/system ..
Simply change it via filechanger in java apps , default GT is GT soft (DAR 16 Ori GT)
Please beware when changed GT , don't apply MMA !!!
It'll makes the scrambled !!!
but if this happen, simply apply mma_ucpx to make it normal again ..

Sorry if there's some bugs ,,,
Still nubie ..


NB: copy the file on attachement to fix MotoCmd, MotoCmd2, n EP2_MotoCmd plugins ..
Motorola E398/E790/E798/E1 / [NEED HELP] E1 s-blank
February 03, 2011, 07:30:22 AM
My friend phone gone blank,
No bootloader & others, just the ramldr start and end address that available...
How to revive it ???

Tried with revive n repair tools, but still don't work,  :-\
176x220 / [skin] droid-x
January 09, 2011, 09:41:34 AM
My first skin mod :D
Hope U all like it.. ;)
Langpacks / [REQ] Greece languagePack.
September 03, 2010, 05:41:11 PM
If anyone have it , please attach it or post the download link ..

Big thanks b4 ...
Anyone have the collection of windows fonts that support multi language type, not just western but also eastern europe, turkish, arabic, hebrew greece etc ??? ???

After done some editing LP, I've find out that not all windows fonts supporting multi language type... ::)
Only few that support it like Aerial Unicode, courrier new, Micro soft sans series, sagoe Ui, Tahoma, and Times New Roman,,, :-\
If anyone have it, please share with me... :-*
Thanks in advance... ;)
Could someone gives me the tutor on adding those two Elves to a MP ??? ??? ???
Member's Introductions / My very late introduction...
February 27, 2010, 07:31:21 AM
Sorry for being late,..
I dunno noticed this before... :-[
I am Schrick'Z from the east Jazirah of Indonesia...
This site are really cool and full with cool guys (that included me of course...hehehe... :D)
Anyone knows??? ??? :-\
Sorry if I posted on the wrong place..
I've gotta question, is there any Custom Equalizer Changer for E398 n E1 so we could fast change that the Gain table???
U know, just like on TV Audio System, we could change from ROCK, POP, METAL, LIVE, NEWS, MOVIE, etc...
ELF / Elf apps to hear radio.
January 18, 2010, 08:23:18 AM
Is there any elf to hear radio ???
Everytime I tried to add a new language, it always said "Source Address not reculc",,
What should I do to fix it???

2nd question, everytime I change the font, the font name wasn't change on the initial setup menu,,
What should I do again to fix it???  :-\ :'( :-X :-[ ???
Java / moto java apps
October 24, 2009, 08:08:45 PM
Is it possible to made e398 or Rokr E1 able to run more than one java apps at the same time???
Any idea???