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Monster Packs / New MP_l7_TANGPRO
August 07, 2011, 04:19:56 AM
Bootloader: 08.D0 only.
its from motofunvn.com

DRM: The Real MP KuMam + drm changer of the skins.
The integration of Rene v2.0 and The Fame.
Fix the bugs in v2.0 and adds new features from the MP's nhieutinh Rene.
preview ago, will link up after finishing the last things.

+ Fix in elfrunner
+ Motocmd 2.0 (by Rene)
+ start menu
+ edit langpack Add more fonts to choose from: 2 Vietnamese font and font english 5.
+ drm changer integrated in the skin folder
+ 5 skins to choose from.
+ I lrcplayer solution instead of tunes for the content motocmd 2.0 is only one of them 2 the only dc. You want to use the set tunes and dropping tunes auto.run lrcplayer or motocmd if not phone not boot DC => flash the CG2.
+ I do not set auto.run activedest, you do like it, run it into the elf.
+ Start menu run by SmartKey or unintentionally Tool => start menu.
+ File manager in the WebAccess => file manager...

+ Backup phone before the flash.
+ Copy folder "FBR" memory card (b /) and absolutely not rename this folder as the folder inside this folder.
+ Copy the skin folder b / mobile
+ There are backup folder from the elf elf drive a: / and drive c: /, if there are problems of elf up the phone.
+ When run elf elfloader strange if not the phone can restart and lose elfrunner.cfg file in drive a: /, then back up this file and restart phone.
+ Ko recommended to any folder on your memory card called elf.
+ Unlock keypad: Menu + Greenkey, lock keypad: Menu + Redkey.
+ Unlock code: 0702, security code: 070288
+ KuMam: drm
+ Tuanham: drm under skin
+ Rene: Most, the great elf.

download area


heapsize 1400kb  in attacment
Monster Packs / MP E2 GSM MOD from motofunvn.com
August 04, 2011, 03:08:24 AM

its kaledioskop form motofun vn.com

here download area

Langpacks / big font e398_49R and for DAR
February 12, 2011, 07:32:34 AM
here i upload some big font for e398_e1...49R
it use for all your parent ( yor mother or your father ), they were usin glasees (+)...when they cant read some small font like many peple make at MP e398_e1


alhamdulilah.here i have created big font for DAR..form ORININAL MODIF 3...

link download

Monster Packs / edited...nano RAZR series
November 22, 2010, 08:14:45 AM
the athmosphere..i thing is alike nano razr..
just for bot loader with 0a.30

here..i wanna share my big font for your v3i...

link download...


screen soot will apear in attaced...
September 12, 2010, 11:58:28 AM
its from proveious Lizu 4AP
Bugs fixed: * Bug of the characters in the play lists
* Bug iLaunch from the bar.

Applications Add / Remove and in turn adapted and change General Terms:

* Stopwatch: Pulled the old version, and updated with the latest version of NestorMan.
* Removed from the menu: Yahoo mail and facebook.
* Video-set aggregate.
* AudioSwitcher added.
* MyToolBox: multilingual, partly created by me, a bit more functional, now: backupea / delete / restore UserMenuTree. Turn on the date Bt.Cambia and operates and performs data erasure.
* Changed the multilanguage version of APMDSwitcher.
* E2ProcessMgrX added.
* Maxx Backuptools the aggregate. Very complete.
* Remove the skins and ZN5 LIZU. And added the skins ZN5 darkshadow indium and 4AP (thanks Pablito, I did re (A))
* Changed and adapted by the maxx rokrFile IV with multi-language support with their side scripts. Was modified and added support for txt, cfg, lin, sh to open it with the Tread and modify and run with the TextEditor in the case of the executable. This requires the associate OpenWith with Rokr (the rokr file).
Something quite comfortable in my opinion, porqe is better or easier to see the texts with the Tread qe with texteditor.
* Removed rokrmenu (based on the e2-menu Moha) and replaced by Shortcutx1.6 and added to autorun.
* Added font changer and fontpreviewer.
* Kaleidoscope is now multilingual
* Multilanguage Sysinfo added.
* Multilanguage SCREEN3 added. If enabled is to restart, no porq: s.
* Added multilanguage Hidefolder
* BINARY readconfig added.
* Multilanguage added FastLoad
* Qplayer made multilingual.
* Added Spanish langpack English.
* Added TextEditor NestorMan 2.5b
* Added ShortCutX to usermenutree.

BAD THINGS / boludeces: * Now you need to reboot to activate the screen3, but not to clear.
* The FsMan 1.3b2 works, but the version 1.5b, it seems to work randomly uu (so I decided not to add)

Thanks to the creator of Lizu (Subin Khan), Pablito, Nestor, Moha, chrissfloresta, Kolerts, Arctu, Lasly, Taurnil, Kidscracker, and others. Remember that this fw is almost a stew of things that I have to admit that drama if not for them would not have been possible.
Thanks papa for the tip of the legend "keypad locked."

Nothing more, that's the trouble with this fw. If anyone has an idea of how to fix these boludeces, plis tell me!.
Now deem you, though I can say I did not find any bug.

ALL CREDIT GOES TO MP MAKER...if you give to me..its never mind mate.. :P :P :P

download link

this MP repack by kenzonatra..the best moderr e2 on motousers.or.id

all credit goes to kenzonatra..its same like original version..but modified to create SMS as quicly as posible...

thanks to ALLAH subhanahu wata'alla and our pophet Muhamad sawlallahu alaihi wasallam
enjoy yor E2...

download link

nem update for this MP download here

Monster Packs / want a new moster pack?
May 18, 2010, 03:34:08 PM
any bode want a new monster pack..join us at www.motousers.or.id
you will got many of monsterpack e398/e1 that you have never seen before..like the nhapsther v1, motomodiff2.motomodiff3.motomodif1 etc.. please join us...
Monster Packs / FirefoX_07.DO
January 01, 2010, 11:03:49 PM


This MP is for E398/ROKR with BL 07.D0 or convert by your self to ROKR with BL 0A.02 only!!!

FW       : R373_G.0E.30.49R (original primware)
Flex       : Ellyanahmad_is_die (based motolover(dua))
DSP       : 6252A000
DRM       : Based on total tragedy 4
GT PT       : Digital Power Sound by Singanmet
LP      : Based on Moto_zL.49R v.2_2
Technology    : Quad-band GSM ( I will make CDMA..but Motorola does'nt made it)...hehehe

Phone Memory:
Free : 428 Kb
Used : 7183 Kb
Total : 7611 Kb   ( very low space memory..i don't know why it like this)
   B. W. Vista (drm included)
   Motonoir (drm included)
   iColor-A (drm included)
   symbian  (drm included)
   Opmin 2.05 indo
   Pocket Qur'an (hope you read it 4ever bofore the judgment day, it will give you a syafa'at later)
- Abolish Alarm OFF from list
- Abolish control by illumination Java
- Access main menu everywhere
- Add new simbol
- Alarm snooze5m
- Auto delivery report sms 1.18
- Auto unlock when sms arrive
- Autostart Java from DateBook
- Blacklist
- Canvas_dostupny_vse_knopki_49R
- Camera button 1x camera 2x videocam
- Cancelation check signature java
- Change display timeout activity
- Change simbols order
- Change zoom
- change_time_event_Calendar_2min-49
- Clock on SS
- clock_date_week_loc_in_loc_mes 49R
- Dictaphone_not_pick
- diktophone_1min
- Disable MCMR
- DRM changer
- File2BT_Patch_for_saveas
- Flashlight star+star
- fonoperator_49
- Green call dialled & received calls
- New increase heap for elf
- Interval_1m__1m__1m
- Java black background
- Java full access patch
- Java with the cable works
- Miscall icon call in ss 49 R
- Mma skin 3.0
- MMS 1000kb
- MP3 bitrate up to 320kb
- Name and time in the list of the alarm clock FIX
- New recent call
- No del call on sim change
- No sound volume 1.01
- NoJavaIcon
- Patch 6 fonts CG1_49R
- Pseudo Playlist 5.0
- Quick access sound & picture
- Redial in 5sc
- Reflect corelet in the list java
- Remove and add elf folder in a/ and c/
- Removal limitation system file
- Remove checking safety and addresses
- Remove drm the protection
- Remove Java protection
- Resolution 49R
- Set default Rsoft in web sessions
- Sortation
- Sysound
- Speed Up
- Store foto without menu
- The Illumination of keyboard instead of the indicator
- unlimit_dictophone_mms_email
- Unlock all seem
- Visible pasword
- Video FW RW
- Phone Unlock Code: 1234
- Phone Security Code: 000000
- Menu+Red to unlock keypad
- Menu+Menu to unlock keypad
- Sorry if i grabbed your masterpiece without permission
Syukran katsiro   :
1.   Allah SWT who has the great mairacle in this world. The lord of the world. The king of the king. And I would give my life..cause You have gave me a taubatan nasuha..that I was made the bad perception in this mind
Ya Allah.. I'm realy2 disapointed for all my mistake..please FORGIVE MY FAULT
2.   Muhamad SAW Al ladhi qod khorojna minna dhulumati ila nuur, minal az zamanil al jahiliyah ila zamanil al islamiyah, minal zamanil batil illal haq
4.   Adal (L7 modder), jaims, Ritza_ll, enslaved, zhang liang, mas rujak who have help me..(kep solo moder), ecko and all my frien in motousers motohell mmus forumdjawir, all my friend in UNS D3 teknik kimia Surakarta, and all my friend in ngruki boarding scholl..espesialy for my theacher Abu Bakar Ba'asyir who have teached me the true religion
5.   Purgatory_7.172_55.13
I miss u 4 ever you have made me wake up from my keterpurukan day, semua lagu dan lirik2mu sangat menYentuhku sebagai manusia yang terlahir dari setetes air yang hina....

sory if i grabed your masterpiece without permision i'm just new bie

download link

Motorola A780/A1200/E2/E6/E680/V8/Z6 / what for APMD?
December 07, 2009, 05:04:37 AM
all master mooder i ask u what for APMD in E2  ???
Motorola L7/V360/V3i/V3r / different v3i?
December 07, 2009, 04:53:45 AM
any one can tell me wich is the best R4441D_G_08.01.03R and R4441D_G_08.01.05R

my V3i is R4441D_G_08.01.03R and i will change my frimware to R4441D_G_08.01.05R and i get critical eror when i 've flashed to 05R
Motorola E398/E790/E798/E1 / my e1 is death? help me..
November 13, 2009, 12:19:58 AM
 >:( i'm confused...yesterday my e398 got as SBLANK NEPTUNE..and it's solved...and live again...and know my E1 broken...fristly..it's can't live..when i put the batrey and i push power buton, there was heard like this(dhems..dhems) and i connect it with smartclip,say conected..but when i will flash it the process isn't work..and then i conect to Motorola PST sudenly live again..but my phone say's insert SIM CARD, AND BOT LOADER APPEAR AGAIN..and when i conect to PC my PC say USB NOT RECOGNIZED

help me...
any one can help me....

i flash my phone..but i just write DSP frimware only...
so my phone died..cannot go to bootloader mode...

when i connect to my computer,,detect as S BLANK NEPTUNE LTE2..

any one can help me...

my question...how to write bootloader again in my phone..and what i used to do it...
Langpacks / How to flash langpack that in .mmf file
October 14, 2009, 01:12:56 AM
Hello guy"s...
Im just a newbie...
I have a langpack with an extension in .mmf
not in .shx or in .sbf
i can't flash this .mmf file with flashbakup or rsd lite...
Any one help me?...
any one can help me..
i have l7 and i flash with a monster pack in mmus.us
my problem ... when i instaled java or aplication with motomidman or instaling manual..my phone and motomidman say's instaled so i restart my phone and i can't see aplication and java in my phone...
any one can help me to down grade my boot loader phone E1 original to 07.D0 ?
is this same the way to change bootloader V3i from 0A.52 to 0a.30 using ramloader 2.31

i'm just new bie...
i'm just new bie..
any one can help me give a software for instaling skin and aplication for E2, cause i'm still confused to install skin with telnet (ftp when i copy to folder app write>>theme..my computer say you don't have permisiion to put this file

i have e398 n v3i when i want to install skin i used skin manager
when i will install aplication i used motomidman
when i will editing web sesion,gaintable i used P2Ktolls VS

any one can help me...to give a software like this but for E2 i;ve tried all that program with E2 but the connected..
Motorola A780/A1200/E2/E6/E680/V8/Z6 / bugs on Maxx 3
October 01, 2009, 07:48:43 AM
 i have e2 and flashed with Maxx 3 frimeware
after 3 day's i used
i can't write a new sms or i can't write a word in my phone..
what's wrong with my phone??
any one can help me....!