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Topics - Subin

Firmwares / Lizu v2.0 for Rokr E8
June 19, 2011, 09:54:44 AM

1) Based on E8_R6718_G_71.10.13R_E Firmware.
2) Increase speed & stability.
2) New Rokr Menu with 5 tabs (Accessories, Office, Multimedia, Settings, and zlauncher as File Browser)
3) New System Settings with 2 tabs (Concept from RokrMgr by Wanggjghost)
4) Rokr ToolsPro  by  Wanggjghost.
5) Resolved Scrolling bug in symbol menu -Now support both way scrolling
6) Added Rokr Dektop, Mpkg Manager, Java Adapter& Heap Size.
7) MGX can be installed in either MpkgBox Or Phone Menu.
8) Main Menu is fully compatible with 3x5 icon sets (Resolved bug for 3x5 icons)
9) Enabled multiple GRID, LIST, SPINNER view for main menu & sub menu (all are 3x5 compatible).
10) You Connected (Google, You Tube & Facebook) in Office menu.
11) HSA is enabled now.
12) Supports almost all file types
13) Supports almost all video types with higher bitrate
14) Apps are in system ROM so user's space are not occupied by them
15) Switch to SD card option from audio, photo & video folder
16) Startup folder to customize Startup sound, Boot Image, grid, gridFolder, list, IconList etc at startup.
15) Startup process log in Documents folder
16) IM Enabled
17) New default font with Chinese language support
18) Three Themes
And many others.

Thanks Wanggjghost for Rokr ToolsPro & helping me to make compatible with music key.
Thanks ilove3d, Bez, Devilsking & others for their contributions. Without their contributions, this could never be achieved....

Download Link: http://www.e2mod.com/e8/index.php/firmwares/71-lizu-20-13r.html

Download Link: http://www.e2mod.com/e8/index.php/firmwares/70-r6718lizu-v10.html
-Support both 2x5 & 3x5 icon menu
-Multiple Grid & List option for main menu & sub menu
-Support swap & ext 3 file system
-Font, skin, mpkgbox & startup folder in File Manager
- Enabled IM & Google option in office menu
Magicbox from ilove3d.
-New option under applications(Accessories, System settings, server settings, Keypad settings, Startup Apps)
-New Disk Manager to manage Phone Memory & SD card
-Custom Virtual memory setup
-FTP, SAMBA, Telnet, Web server are disabled by default to save power
-Support almost Video format with higher bit rate
- support run & edit for sh, lin script & other necessary ext
- Support autorun apps(Startup sound, Boot Image,Filesystem mont, Grid, GridFolder,List, IconList SVG file for custom user menu, custom font...etc) from Startup folder
-20 Apps in application folder & 12 apps in Java folder
- Apps are in system Memory so user's space are not occupied by them
-Switch SD card from Audio, Picture, Video..
-Included Two themes(Rokr & CMCC)
Motorola ROKR E8 / Need help for E8 repairing
December 03, 2009, 03:04:23 PM
Hi I need help for my E8 repairing. It has R6713_G_71.14.1CR_A fw and 06A9 BL. Now the problem is mistakenly I have flashed E8_06A3_KILL_RSA_unsigned instead of E8_06A9_KILL_RSA_unsigned and my phone is not powering on. I tried to bring my phone into Bootloader mode. But no luck. So I need expert's help.
Monster Packs / LIZU.4AP for rokr E2 by Subin
September 06, 2009, 02:47:01 PM
DOWNLOAD: http://www.e2mod.com/content/view/313/26/


-From Stock R564_G_12.00.4AP Firmware
-iLove3d's Kernel SDHC V3 with 4GB SD Card support
-busyBox v1.8.3
-Enabled all equalizer presets
- Supports ext2, ext3, swap, and squashfs, multikeypress, loop
-Supports telnet, ftp, samba protocol
-Option for APMD change (Default APMD is 104/208/312)
-Kaleidoscope mode ON-OFF option from zero f/w by Mohamed David
-Five Java APPS/game: MotoID , AdventureIsland,Block Breaker deluxe, ASPHALT, Tetris.
-Camera resolution is now up to 8x Zoom(120x160-240x320-600x800-1024x1280.
-Video Camera Resolution is : 128x96-176x144-320x240
-Font folder in File Manager with 4 preloaded font
-no known SMS bugs
-Qplayer for flv, mpg video.
-Soflock ("c"+"*") function in VR button
-Mounts Partitions And SwapFiles at PowerON
-My_FAVOR for customize ezx_volumetable.cfg, APMD, myfont.ttf, ezx_flexbit.cfg.
-rokrFile by Mohamed David (Execute and view scripts: .lin .sh .mtf .ins)
(Extract .rar .tar .gz .zip .7z .bz2)Install packages .skin.zip .skin.rar
-My_Lnguage for customize language(vui for voice cmd,string for lang.)
-View option for system files.
-Fonts folder in File Manager for customize font
-Supports synchronization
-Three  themes.
-Menu for facebook in office tools(option for login directly in facebook)

Included below apps:
-Stop watch
-SwapFile Manager
-Over Clock
-E2TextEditorX by NestorM
-Open with
-Display Time
-Menu Setup
-Link sys
-System Info
-Skin editor
-soft manager
-Autorun Manager
-Font Changer
-Java heap size
-SD Tools
-Volume Editor
-End Session
-E2-Menu from Zero f/w
-Day light saving for Bangladeshi users
-Free Space 10.4 MB

Dear seniors,
How can I make a MP from Stock firmware?Because auto run script will not work in stock f/w.
I have the basic knowledge about Linux & rokr E2. Can you pls make a step by step process note for me?

Hi, my rokr E2 showing "Invalid  battery" after flashing. I have checked with another battery & flashed stock f/w but getting same. I think problem is in the PDS area. Any idea/help?