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ELF / [GUIDE] Edit DRM event code to Run ELF
October 10, 2009, 08:06:59 AM
[GUIDE] Edit DRM event code to Run ELF

SOmetimes we want to run some ELF from phone menu, not from ELF runner
But not all phone menu can be use for running elf
You can use 'ELF Open" but the access is not fast

1.First you must activated/show what phone menu ( MobileQQ, AIM, Chat, Activation ) that you want to run the ELF. Sometimes u need seem edit and modify mma ucp icon to make your phone show that menu. Add the menu using MMA Advance Editor. In this tutor I want to make Activation List to run LRCPlayer.elf

2.Now check what happen if you run that menu (Activation List) It's show nothing happen or go to original menu ( MobileQQ, AIM, Chat ). Check the Activation List event code. Simply using p2k Tools VS.
Activation List=03FF

3.Backup your phone DRM.

Than open the *.smg file using hex editor. Find Activation List Event Code (03FF).

After you found it,

4.edit 03FF value to other value, better set to 02XX
I want edit to 02A6
Press Edit>Overwrite>Hex String=02A6

5.Save, than compile to *shx than flash to your phone
After flash, edit your elf setting.
Exp, Tunes.elf is Tunes.cfg
MotoCMD.elf is Motocmd.ini
Startmenu.elf is Startmenu.ini
LRC Player.elf is LRC Player.cfg

6.I'm trying run LRC Player from Activation List that the event code edited to 02A6, so I set LRC Player.cfg to 02A6

7.Now, install the elf, put in auto.run and check It should be work
Activation List to run LRC Player :)

By this method, you can run MotoCMD, start menu from phone menu :)
This my v3i configuration
MobileQQ=Edit to 02DC to run startmenu
AIM=Edit to 02DF to run motocmd

Thanks to Osta and Fenja from motofan

The most important you must sure that DRM event code that you edit is correct coz sometimes you'll found more than one same Hex value

To make you found the correct one,ordinary DRM event code store in begin address of CG15 and you must check the 3 bit

after the event code.

Check this, I found two 03FF, first is it

Second is it

We got this

03 FF 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 08 0E

and the second

03 FF 01 00 14 15 01 00 02 DF 12

See 14 15 is String ID for the LP that named to the phone menu, in this tutor is Activation List. U can check it by open

your LP using MLE

So, you must edit the second from 03 FF to 02 A6 :)
And by found that, u can easy edit your LP string to matched with the ELF menu



ENJOY this, tested on E398 and v3i  ::)

PDF version can be download here
EDIT: Very slow connection, cannot upload yet.
I know thiis guide have been posted in E398 board  ;)
But i just made it for v3i users to easily used

How to use Portkit
Thanks to Andy51 from motofan

It's for creating ELF Pack (elfpack.fpa, Register.fpa, elfloader.lib, and Lib.o) for LTE, LTE2 and v3i phone

Download portkit

1. Copy arm to C/arm and portkit to C/Portkit in your PC

Make sure your windows configuration(Folder Options) is set to show file extention.

2. Set your make.cmd to your FW. Rename make.cmd to make.txt than open in notepad

-LTE= For phone like E398 and ROKR E1
-LTE2= For L7 and other LTE2 phone
-v3i= For v3i only
Save the file than rename to make.cmd again

Go to c/Portkit/obj. find sysinfo.c file, open in notepad

const char n_phone[] = "Write Your Phone Mod, exp E398, v3i, L7, etc";
const char n_platform[] = "LTE, LTE2 or v3i";
const char n_majorfw[] = "RXXXX (your front FW name)";
const char n_minorfw[] = "Last FW name";
Save the file

Exp for v3i
const char n_phone[] = "v3i";
const char n_platform[] = "v3i";
const char n_majorfw[] = "R4441D";
const char n_minorfw[] = "01.03R";

3. Backup your CG1 using FB 3 with cut empty file (your phone must be never patched with elfpack, if already patched. U need to undo first)

4. Copy paste your CG1 backup file to C/Portkit

5. Rename your backup file to CG1.bin

6. Double click run.bat to process build elfpack

Press Enter untill the proses finished
If you got warning but no error message. It's OK and normal.

Now check C/Portkit/build you should have elfpack.fpa, register.fpa, elfloader.lib and Lib.o

7. Apply the elfpack.fpa and Register.fpa to your reflash patched that have full address
Save as in shx than flash use flasher program. For v3i you must use RSD lite or P2K ET.
Copy the elfoader.lib, auto.run and elf apllication to your TF and enjoy your elf pack.

8. How to update elfloader.lib?
U can download new libgen from
Extract the file than copy to overwrite old file in C/Portkit/libgen than rebuild again to get the elfloader.lib

PDF can be download here


xvi32 hex editor


ritza_ll just newbiehoilic
[UPDATE]NaNO_RaZZR v1.3 by ritza_ll
by ritza_ll just newbieholic
28 Oct 2009

Flash using RSD Lite


Monster NaNO_RaZZR_v0.7_[v3i]
by ritza_ll just newbieholic™

Please read all guide before flashing this MP!
Always make full bacukp, bootloader and PDS backup.
You should have boot 0A.30, on R479 or R4441D and not in sticky

I am Not responsible for deaths  :-X

Flash program recommended: RSD Lite (version 4.5 or above)
Tested successfully in v3i boot 0A.30

FW : R4441D_G_08.01.03R
Flex : NaNO_RaZZR
DSP : 632A2A00
DRM : Increase Speed Up to 40% using motospeed
GT PT : Unidentified

Phone Memory:
Free : 8633 Kb
Used : 8420 Kb
Total : 17054 Kb

-002E with blox skin edit by me
ELF System

- I'm modified portkit to make elf run from c/
[Read auto.run, elfloader, Lib.o from c/elf]
So, you don't need copy elf folder to TF to make elf work
Build by Libgen 5.6 and support latest ELF Apllication

-GT3-Reborn from DarK Side Of Me by Masta P4IJO
aka nalimen aka komplonk
-Monochrome by masta skinner Gie_Lanz
-NaNO_Moto edit by me
-Serene by Masta JithinSK
-Shuffle from RGF MP by woody and BGX
-NextGenXpressMusic thanks to kecap aka MATRICE

Motorola L7/V360/V3i/V3r / about v3i
January 24, 2009, 06:15:58 AM
Hi. previously I'm e1 modder
But now I lost my e1

Im try to mod new model, interesting on v3i
Please somebody that have v3i, give me good review.
How about sms storage on v3i? etc?
Which the better? DAP version or iTunes version?
What best bootloader for v3i?

I am just noob,
Thanks for the answer
by ritza_ll just newbieholic™

Second version from NaNO_3nGiNe49R
I do the best with put all my knowledge about mod E398 on this MP
And of course with all help from my friends
Thanks you so much!!! :)

Your UNLOCK KEYS are Left Soft Key +5!!!

This MP applied increase list suite, if your previous MP doesn't use this patch, your TF application will unrecognized.
So, you need to reinstall apps again

THIS MP is only for E398/ROKR with BL 07.D0 or only for ROKR 0A.02 only!!!
Check you BL first!!!

Flash program recommended: FlashBackup (version 3 or above)
Tested successfully in E398/ROKR with BL 07.D0 or ROKR 0A.02

FW : R373_NaNO.49Rmod
Flex : NaNO_3nGiNe[XZ] Based ROKR_48R_GSKKLG0T677ABXXX mod
untill max by Redkingmaster
DSP : 6237D700 mod by Redkingmaster
DRM : MPX De Luxe edited
GT PT: NaNO_SAUR_edition [Loud biar bisa bangun saur]

Phone Memory:
Free : 921 Kb
Used : 8501 Kb
Total : 9422 Kb

-DaBeat Thanks to Sysmaster
-The Blast ! The coolest skin by gie_lanz aka ROKRMAN. BIG Thanks.
-Tekken Tag_666 Thanks to enslaved_666 "Satan Inside"
-WongMlaku by kecap aka MATRICE skinner modder. Thanks Fahmi.

-Thanks to rheezz the soundrenalin

English 6 fonts
-Handell Gothic
-Grixel Acme
-Baby Universe

9 Application (MiDlet+CoreLet)

- I'm modified portkit to make elf run from c/
[Read auto.run, elfloader, Lib.o from c/elf]
So, you don't need copy elf folder to TF to make elf work
Build by Libgen 4.0
*Don't make any changes in Elf runner (make category or edit auto.run
directly by phone). Except you know what you do.


Thanks to
-Ndah ku yang cantik :-*
-Help me in elf: Last1Left, kecap, ZduneX25, gayoe, tru_kmy,kenzonatra
-zigot for the iTunes
-Valleo and Ronnee "the Lynch" for the VC
-All java developer
-All elf developer, Last1Left, Andy51, om2804, G-Xad,
Campanula, edy, and all elf maker
-rheezz for the ringtone
-Motousers maniacs: motomaniacs, Zh@ng-L14ng, are_goenk,
redkingmaster, Nalimen,, montox, adit17, oniech, Geanicep,Ahn-jar, Mboent, Herry, Ozz, rahmattaharudin, rotiQue,Seagate, iPunk, rOgo!
-mig33's Mosers (dyrtys, yellow_azumi, phaipunk_555, kurox, esakarim, pim_xxx, rockimoto, kurogane_666, tegezan,erikuerimu, rokumunsen, setyajimoto, tx_brown,
prince_of_the_damned, dejayuzz, ianseventh, keaglez,
dustin_89, zorvaz, last.stand, penjaga_pintu_neraka, zorvaz,shessoumaru, ary_co_19, de_sebastian007, imander_tempur,kondhil, tx_brown, lyldans, incubusholic, dreamteather, cauurz,toko_anwar, a_i_z, sweet_wet_wet, cabernet_sauvignon,blankhead, cupielozborn, dirgonafis, dre4m_the4ter,ebay_ladiesman207, gozzen, harumsains, kiss.of_the_hell.005,zil_moto)
-all people who help me

MASTER DOWNLOAD: http://www.e398mod.com/content/view/551/30/





by ritza_ll just newbieholic™

And Complete Revision!!
From NaNO_3nGiNe[MAX]

Hope no bugs again. Sorry for previous version...


General Discussion / Where is NIKSY??
September 06, 2008, 07:10:29 PM
Hello every body :)

Just wanna know where is NIKSY??
I see he never get online
What happen to him? :
Any body know?
176x220 / Moto XP by gie lanz aka ROKRMAN
August 12, 2008, 05:01:01 PM
My friend's skin from motousers and motolovers
Moto XP by gie Lanz aka ROKRMAN
masta from "earthlike"

Xp with 14 icon  :D
- connection
- message
- phonebook
- video camera
- games
- multimedia
- web access
- tools
- dial service
- settings
- security
- ring style
- air plane mode
- shortcuts


Enjoy this :)
Just wanna share my tutor making iTunesDB using Winamp+iPod support
I don't know if somebody make this before me
Support Artwork, playlist, no limit songs

Download (pdf) Here

Make iTunesDB using Winamp

Thanks to Nalimen :D
Monster Packs / [SHARED] NaNO_3nGiNe 49R ver 3.0
February 23, 2008, 04:26:49 AM
Update version Orginal NaNO_3nGine ver 3.0

Flash and Enjoy!!!!




Go to page 38 https://motohell.com/index.php?topic=2189.msg66959#msg66959


Just wanna follow to share MP.

E398_ NaN0_3nGiNe49R_by_ritza_ll
Hope you enjoy it :)

This MP is for E398/ROKR with BL 07.D0 only!!! And now I have The ROKR version!!!
Flash program recommended: FlashBackup (version 3 or above)
Tested successfully in E398@ROKR and ROKR with BL 07.D0 and ROKR with BL 0A.02

-->Always Pray & Full Backup before process!

Firmware      : R373_G_0E.30.49R
Flex          : NaN0_3nGiNe (based on GCKKGLO900SPLA0A3)
DSP           : 6235A000
GT/PT      : GT by Sysmaster
System Sound   : Molo03
DRM           : Speed up to 50-75%
Technology    : Quad-band GSM (850/1900 and 900/1800)
Language      : 002E English 6 fonts
Font          : - Verdana
                       - Theramin Gothic
                  - Bold
                       - Consolas
                      - Enlightment
                    - Mechwarrior

Phone Memory:
--Free       : 1271 kb
--Used       : 6931 kb
--Total      : 8202 kb

- Moto_aprilia,
- Motolovers Ultimate (my favorite),
- E1_Walkman (from Ultimate Walkman by Hunt),
- milk by quazz,
- iCarbon (Grabbed from MP Walkman BR V2),
- Walkman Blue by angelpehuen
*(use patch mma_in_skin so you don't need file changer to use skin with different menu struktur)

- Dictaphone
- eBuddy
- Gmail
- mig33ModFast_by_Poer
- Mini Commander 3.3
- SynerjTools v2.8 (for 49R)
- VC opera 2.0.6 by valleo/Are_goenk
- iTunes4.53Pro_Series by Poer_The_Redkingmaster

- Abolish Alarm OFF from list
- Abolish control by illumination Java
- Access main menu everywhere
- Access to seem 004a from corelets
- Add new simbol ± ² ³ ½ ¼ ¾
- Alarm 5m
- Auto delivery report sms 1.18
- Autokeypad lock
- Autostart Java from DateBook
- bg_in_player_v2.3n_49R_(fix)
- Blacklist
- Brightness
- BT standby time 5 min
- Camera button 1x camera 2x videocam
- Cancelation check signature java
- Change display timeout activity
- Change menu opcode
- Change menu sound,pic,video
- Change ringstyle with Menu+#
- Change simbols order
- Change zoom
- Changes the record format YY-MM-DD_HHMM
- Clock on SS
- Complete access to the file (Java,BT,OBEX)
- Date format
- Dictaphone_not_pick
- diktophone_1min
- Files2BT_49R
- Flashlight star+star
- Green call dialled & received calls
- Icon of alarm clock in ss
- Icon of received calls in ss
- Increase quantity autoredial
- Increasing bell replaced the Preferred Card
- Java black background
- Java full access patch
- Java Heap_J1300_C1496
- Java killer
- Java with the cable works
- Keysound replace Battery Savings
- Master Clear & Master Reset Failure
- Mma skin 3.0
- MMS 1000kb
- MP3 bitrate up to 320kb
- New recent call
- No busy audio channels by lowbatt tone
- No del call on sim change
- No sound volume 1.01
- NoJavaIcon
- Patch 6 fonts CG1_49R
- Pseudo Playlist 5.0
- Quick access sound & picture
- Reboot on Chat
- Redial in 5sc
- Reflect corelet in the list java
- Removal limitation system file
- Removal of the pressures of keys 112 and 911
- Removal unnecessary TF folder
- Remove checking safety and addresses
- Remove DRM the protection
- remove ID the melody of subscriber from sms 1.13
- Send SMS on Phonebook leftsoftkey
- Set default Rsoft in web sessions
- ShowNewGroupsBT_49R
- Sort date or alphabet in animation
- Store foto without menu
- The illumination of keyboard instead of the indicator
- Time and Name in the list of the alarm clock
- time_update_mod 10sek
- unlimit_dictophone_mms_email
- Unlock all seem
- update time interval sms reminder 2m_2m_2m
- Elf on Motomixer
- Go to next song using headset key (thanks to Are_Goenk)

- Call Register max 50 number
- Message Status displayed on Outbox message
- Playing Java without interupt incoming message

Shortcuts keys:
- Menu + Menu   : back to Main Menu
- Menu + Red     : lock keys
- Menu + Green  : unlock keys
- Menu + *        : change ringstyle
- Menu + 0        : opcode
- * + *             : flashlight
- 0 + *             : Pictures
- 0 + #             : Sounds
- # + *             : Java Killer
- Camera button : 1x to Picture Cam, 2x to Video Cam
- Menu + 1         : Synerj Tool    
- Menu + 2         : Personalise
- Menu + 3     : USB Setting
- Menu + 4     : Phone Status
- Menu + 5     : font

Thx to:
- All motolovers member
- Genius Russian Motomodders @ motofan.ru, motohell.com, motomodders.net, modmymoto.com
- gayoe, Zh@ng-L14ng, Poer the RedkingMaster, zigot, sysmaster, Hunt, quazz, angelpehuen, montox,  jithinSK,
 motomaniacs,  Michael BR, Are_Goenk, Nalimen, Ahn-jar, Mboent, Herry, Ozz, rahmattaharudin, iPunk @ motolovers.or.id
- All motorola fans
- All people who help me on this MP, sory if I can't mention one by one

- Phone Unlock Code: 1234
- Phone Security Code: 000000
- To Delete, Move, Copy, or Assign to Categories for files on Sound,      Pictures, and Video...you have to Mark the file first with button 0
- If the iTunes doesn't load correctly, please delete iTunes folder on TF.
- iTunes and VirtualCorelet in the list of java are only the trigger to load corelet.
 To use the corelet, use menu iTunes in Multimedia.
- this MP is from gayoe E398 MP based (thanks you very much)
- some skins, DRM, Gain table, was little edited and mixed by me
- Sorry if i grabbed your masterpiece without permission,
 I just love your masterpiece but I don't know how to do that.
 Especially to M3, i can't access to this site (error in my server).   :(
- see the readme to see what the different from previous

- Sorry for my bad english

             HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS. THANKS.....

Modded In Indonesia
V rotkeS oratniB
arageN isnatnukA iggniT halokeS
Class 3L-34 GovAcc


DOWNLOAD AT http://www.e398mod.com/content/view/537/30/

or mirrors:



ROKR Version



Go To Page 21 for NEW NaNO_Walkman[2905] topic

Hope u enjoy this Thanks
I have seen video on you tube that iTunes video 0.2 work in ROKR


Anybody in motohell can give the tutorial?
Or may be the link of java iTunes coreLet that i can install to my ROKR?
And how to put video on this iTunes?

Thanks! :)

sorry 4 bad english
Motorola E398/E790/E798/E1 / Ask about "Lock Application"
December 21, 2007, 06:51:54 PM
I use Motolovers 03 MP

When I go to Security>Lock application>
I found sub menu radio in here
what the mean of radio in here?
what happens if I locked this feature?

thanks for the answer!
Anybody can help me to put unlimited songs iTunes
But it can show Artwork
And the music filr directory b/mobile/audio :(
Now i put songs in iTunes used winamp plugin.

Sory For my bad english
Motolovers03 user