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Post by: Hendz on October 01, 2010, 08:48:34 AM
Here We Go Ma Very Very First Wild-monster Called: LIGHTSPEED II
(just after I crashed down ma previous, the Lightspeed 1, which was failed to open-up Contacts Menu for I don't know. But I guess this 2nd monster is nice step for me)
All credits go to these masters: Coliv_Aja, NTA, V_Ravi_Ranjan, Nik, Shantanu, and other guyz in, MMUS.US, -- And so I say "makasih banget" to the guyz on for make it happen (MazDzak, MazJaket, MazAdrian, Nuk3List, etc).

- The Lightspeed Monster II: (47.7 MB RAR-Compressed)
- EZXcodec 1.3.5 cracked by me for a quicker-compile action (no need to rename the CGs with "-new" at first). So just click-n-go! (101.6 kB)


0. Nothing special but this takes a cake.
1. Speed & Stability are ROCKING! It's light. Well guarded, coz of 08p-09p-22p components.
-- Bottom line is all inspired by Ravi's Move :)
2. CG33 taken from 22p to get internet speed a bit quicker at 12 MBps.
3. SCREEN3 has a new-look. Comin up with original CSS template, a bit edited by me.
-- I've spot the Channels on S3-Indonesia. This might WON'T WORK for any of you but the "bookmarks" still do.
4. Internet Profiles for Indonesian GSM Providers are ready.
5. I currently only planted 3-langpacks: British, American, Russkogo.
(I don't even have the Bahasa Indonesia on mine just because too much strings made me pretty dizzy to typing-in. Should anyone of ma fellow had it already please kindly may I ? Thankz) :)
6. 3 standard color-schemes, couple wallpapers taken from Ravi's, MFUNS, and Shantanu's.
7. Opera of 3408 with a new opening-screen. And some Bookmark entered.
8. A simple great looking, tiny, but readable GUI-font of regular Window's Arial Narrow.
-- Looks great too while on browsing. Supports UTF-8 as well.
9. Real Player taken from A1600. Loud & clear. And has Preset eQualizers. And supports for 30-fps videoplay.
10. Camera has the latest of A1200, sharper images than before.
11. EDGE enabled as it a must, 4-Modem types ready, Telnet is okay.
12. 4-changeable shortcuts on main screen like always.
13. Multijava & Fast Java Engine with fast Java opening from master CoLiv_Aja.
14. Calculator has a copy-paste options.
15. Dual-integrated Photo Editor apps of E6 + A1600 was planted.
16. Touch-on-vibe can be activated by Autorun (/mmc/mmca1/autorun/sound).
17. MPKG-Hack for MPKG + PKG apps installation.
18. Integrated Foxalarm.
19. Has a Power restart/refresh/shutdown app taken from CoLiv_Aja, a bit edited by me for a new-look.
20. GMail & Yahoo Mail ready.
21. Has Google, YouTube, and Hellomoto shortcut-icons too.
20. Files Association on PKG,RAR,ZIP,PSKN,FSKN,TTF,SH,LIN,PHM,DOC etc in just one-click.
22. The World Time World Map is the only once appeared after sets up in a location. But, I deployed a new-face of it, presenting Major City-names of the world.
-- For my natives, also I added many many cities & regions of Indonesian GMT+7 on there, like: Bogor, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, and Solo (coz those cities very meant to me ya know) :)
23. Battery consumption's ROCKING! No need to worry bout. I got this for about 4-days in standby.
(But lemme tell you one thing that you shouldn't push yourself to load a heavy-stuff like Multimedia in a multitasking mode together with, for example the Browser, in just one shot. This might gradually suck your battery down very quickly).
24. When you turn off the Antenna, something called Flight Mode, you probably might want to grab some music and lay your head off, coz it's TIME 2 ROCK! Just like I wrote it up on main screen :)
25. Music sounds??? Awww... STILL REALLY REALY ROCKS YER ASS!!! And I guarantee that for sure :)
-- But I suggest you to use an "eXMMS Edited by MFuns" (like Shantanu said) equipped with 10-Band eQualizer which is no compromise at all. Or, you might use the last version of "Rockbox" if you wannit.


Might support an SDHC, by flashing it once again with an SDHC Kernel, but I'm not quiet sure coz I aint had the SDHC card anymore.
I always use the 2 GB miniSD and is enuf for me to hang on with.
But last time I've tried, by doing so, phone still works. Able just to read the SD too.

Please keep in mind that I've intentionally DO NOT include any additional preloaded stuff.
You gonna attach them yerself as well in the card, so you might flash the phone securely, in case you want to jump up to any other Monsters someday.... just without loosing any of favorite apps you've installed :)
I'd rather go maintain the monster this way, and that's the reason why I called it a "Lightspeed". And beside, I like that name too! :)
Post by: ZduneX25 on October 01, 2010, 12:40:02 PM
Another great one ^^ karma for U :)
Post by: tegezan on October 02, 2010, 02:42:42 PM
Nice one..... :)
Post by: Hendz on October 04, 2010, 06:16:59 AM
I hope you guyz like on ma work :D -- i know there were not much E6-users other than the biggest fans on and so of Viet Nam
So sometimez I just ask maself where the otherz in here? :D
Post by: tegezan on October 04, 2010, 02:36:21 PM
me just join as e6 user....  :)
Post by: Hendz on October 05, 2010, 02:29:15 AM
yea could be. and you've got 5-stars o'ready, earned the Phd of Global Mod :D saw yer name in too aint it right? :D
Post by: tegezan on October 05, 2010, 09:28:19 PM
im just spammer :p

still beginner with e6 modd things.. In fack, i need more than 10 minutes to complete telnet.. :d

btw, downloading your mod fw.. Look very nice..
Post by: Hendz on October 06, 2010, 04:46:35 AM
thank you :D
and the latest Revised-Edition for ma monster is on
by there, I added these apps to be pre-installed at once as...what we called... a "Rocking Apps":
1. instTHEME -- installs yer favorite themes and icons
2. SmartAssistant -- backups/restores all data bfore u move up to anotha monster
3. FWAssistant -- a disk-to-memory swapper, recovers from limited RAMs
4. LCDAssistant -- dims down the lcd illuminations and make it short the display timeouts
5. SIMwatcher -- guards yer phone in case just when u lost it up
6. PicseLedit -- views & edits directly of almost-all microsoft office files
7. sysINFO -- displays our linux configs and other helpful system-related infos
8. eCAP -- grabs the screen for a presentation

Hope ya like it too, Bozz :)
Post by: Exploited on October 29, 2010, 11:12:40 PM
karmatized for this great MP :)