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Title: [IMAGE] MotoSense (HTC Sense ui port for milestone)
Post by: ZduneX25 on August 01, 2010, 01:46:46 am
v0.2  (MotoSenseV02FULL LINK (

** NEW IN V0.2 ***

 - Wifi LAN & GPRS/HSPA mobile DHCP services fixed
   Wifi with DHCP works after second boot with SSID chosen.
   So, enable and associate with accesspoint, and reboot.

 - Wipe
   You can you  userdata/factory reset now
   first time boot will make backup of "apps" folder to SDCard and
   restore after Wipe has been done.
   Backup file is:  MotoSense_apps.tar (100MB)

 - Logo change option (Default logo is now Droid!)
   IF you dislike Droid bootanimatio and want the HTC logo back
   place a "htc_logo" or "n1_logo" in the root of the sdcard
        and it will show at next boot.

 - Youtube/Video in general works now
   Flixster/Youtube generated an error, which is fixed now.

 - Videorecording (Motorola application)
   It seems to work fine with video recording now.
   Camera is still not functional (exits after picture shot)

 - Removed most Motorola application caused the "loop" at boot.
   do not change anything in the /data folder for apps,
   or you might loose the "phone" button in the senseui.
   order of the apps are important, and any change
   can cause it not to work.

 - removed Superuser.apk
   Please install your own of your own choice.
   causing trouble for some people.
   please use included apps installer, for easy install.

Youtube video of the startup + short menu walkthrough
Another Youtube video after config of accounts


v0.1  (OFFLINE (http://"")) This image is a complete backup, including all regular partitions done using adbrecovery.
Since only one other person besides me , can make it run, and that is using help from me, i think i need to have more beta testing down in closed forum at least 2 others can boot it with next relase :-) sorry for the problems caused!

NOTE: just got the info, that pincode is not working, so if you want to try it, please for this moment, disable pincode before installing it.

 - Radio (Calls,GPRS,HSPA)
 - USB
 - Bluetooth
 - Milestone bootup AC charging
 - Wireless (Only static IP address.
   DHCP is faulty at this stage)
 - most apps from HTC and Motorola
   (most untested)
 - MilestoneOverClock v1.32
 - SetCPU 1.54
 - Sam2
 - apps_installer
 - MarketEnabler

Not Working
 - PINCODE (will not be able to enter any pincode or boot normal)
 - GPS (at least not seen it working)
 - DHCP for wireless
 - Camera

Use ADB Recovery / Open Recovery to install this backmod.
Copy the included MotoSensev01 to your nandroid directory
on your sdcard, and load recovery ( -r)
to install it. a SBF will be made with the next release...

 This has only been tested with a EU milestone 2.36.0
i do not know if you can use it on older versions.
 This release also includes menu european languages, as it
 is based on WWE edition of HTC Desire, so HTC part is
Thanks to Zeusdroid image makers for the tiwlan_drv.ko
(which helped getting wifi to work in this image)

To other modders
- If you want to try and improve, you are welcome!!!
the ramdisk is located in /system/ramdisk.tar folder, it all starts here.
the ramdisk is opened by /system/bin/mot_boot_mode.
Based on Milestone SHOLS_U2_02.36.0 (EU edition) & HTC Desire (1.15.405.3 EU)
- if you put a file called "adbd_enable" in the root of your sdcard,
you can use adb from bootup with root, and access real root at bootup.
if "developer" is enabled, this will disable root access.

WARNING: Use this image at your own risk and i take no responsibility if
you brick your phone.. Image has been tested on a UK milestone and works fine if all files in ADB recovery image is used.

All credots to: dext3r