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Title: Android Commander 0.7.9
Post by: ZduneX25 on July 30, 2010, 12:06:29 AM


version 0.7.9

Official Website (

Android Commander is windows application to keep control on your android apps and files from PC. This is a small, very very fast and intuitive app.
If someone want to try it, go a head. But remember, you doing this on your own risk!

Phone Requirements:
- ROOT (only for Applications Manager and flashing options)
- BusyBox (required only for rooted phones; included to most ROMs)
- Settings->Applications->Development->USB debuging must be enabled
- USB cable

PC Requirements:
- Windows
- Android SDK *
- Installed ADB USB Driver from Android SDK
- SDK/Tools set in System Path (program can set it for You ) **

* Download the Android SDK: (
* Installing the Android SDK: (

** If you using Win7/Vista run Program as Administrator or disable UAC, otherwise this function will fail!

Confirmed Devices:
- HTC Dream G1
- HTC Magic 32A/32B
- HTC Passion Nexus One
- HTC Hero
- HTC Legend
- HTC Desire
- HTC Incredible
- Motorola Droid/Milestone
- Samsung i7500 Galaxy
- Samsung i5700 Galaxy
- Nook
- anyway program should work with any android device


Program Features:

Explore files:
- copy multiple files/dirs between Phone and PC
- copy multiple files/dirs between Phone folders
- delete multiple files/dirs from Phone
- new dir and rename options
- drag&drop multiple files/dirs in to progrm
- drag&drop files/dirs between program tabs
- partitions size info
- bookmarks

Manage apps:
- windows integration
- backup multiple apps to any dir on Phone/PC
- batch/single apps install
- install as private
- update
- batch/single uinstall apps
- uninstall with option to keep data or not

- type any shell command
- run sh script from PC

and more...
- flashing zip and img files
- options to reboot, reboot to recovery, reboot to bootloader, power off phone
- screenshots (beta)
- tools...



Android Commander 0.7.9: (
mirror: (


* before update delete settings.ini file from program dir
- rebuilded program engine! (now is extended and more flexible)
- new design! (not every ware yet, but soon )
- works with new Cyans Apps2SD
- new tabs to change view between apps from data or sd-ext (new Cyans Apps2SD only)
- partitions size info works with CyanogemMod-N1
- changed format displaying sizes
- better size info window
- new drives selector with nice icons
- changed format in windows tab address bar
- ability to removing single files from windows tab
- Applications Installer not closing automatically after install/rename
- ability to change and refresh directory in Applications Installer
- ability to removing apps from Applications Installer
- all labels "selected" are clickable now (reverse selection)
- all labels "count" are clickable now (select/unselect all)
- file size info in application info window
- new button search on Cyrket in app info
- fixed problem with loading App Info window from Applications Installer
- restarting options should working now for not rooted devices
- fixed some bugs with exploring files on not rooted device
- Screenshots (for now works only with resolution 480×320 )
- program do not need restart on first run
- updating log on program start is always auto closing
- more fixes/changes I cant remember

Full program changelog (