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Title: [ROM] J_r0dd's CliqMod Beta2 Apps2sd + Swap (7.26.10)
Post by: ZduneX25 on July 28, 2010, 10:02:33 PM
This is the 1st rom-bundle I have released for the Cliq to the public. Thanks to HandlerExploit for the leak. I am still working on some things. I was gonna add apps2sd but too many issues right now. This is a BETA so if i see complaining I will just delete this thread. Do not ask for LiveWallpapers or 3D app drawer. Too laggy for the Cliq, sorry.

Features & Changes:
*Superuser 2.2.2 (ChainsDD)
*Some AOSP Development apps
*Fully Deodexed and ready for theming
*White text included & partially themed(black bar, statusbar icons & droidx home buttons)
*Lots of sounds

*Droidx Wallpapers
*Droidx Corporate Directory (MotoGAL.apk)
*Ext apps2sd + swap (Darktremor (
*other graphical tweaks
*cyanogen's massive apn

There is an issue with Term FC'ing. Just push this one to /system/app and you'll be fine. HERE (

If you experience slow Market or not seeing "Top Paid Apps" category, push the following file to /data/data/

Do a FULL wipe first!
Download (

For proper wipes and nandroid back-ups i strongly recommend using my recovery as well (
For the ext apps2sd follow these instructions:
1. partition sdcard to ext3
#enable a2sd
adb shell a2sd install

#move the dalvik-cache to sd card.
adb shell a2sd cachesd

#move dalvik-cache to /cache
adb shell a2sd cachepart

#enable swap
adb shell a2sd swap

#check if all is ok
adb shell a2sd check

#reboot to test that the phone starts ok
adb shell reboot

( (

All credits to j_r0dd