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Title: [Recovery] j_r0dd-mb200-v1.7.3 (7/27/10)
Post by: ZduneX25 on July 28, 2010, 12:00:33 pm
This recovery is based off of the original recovery Amon_RA created for us. I used his source to make this more up to date. I thank him for releasing his source and also KB7SQI for helping me compile my 1st kernel a while back.

1. download HERE (
3. push to sdcard
adb shell
flash_image recovery /sdcard/j_r0dd-mb200-v1.7.3.img

You may need to make sure there is no recovery in /system because this will over-write this on a reboot. use Root Explorer or ADB shell to remove this.
adb shell
cd system
rm recovery.img

1.7.0 - All scripts and binaries have been updated
      - Added option to wipe just /cache
      - Removed Bart because it was redundant. If you chose to do a Nandroid + Ext backup you get the same results btw
      - Made sure ext4 support works for partioning SD. The rom's kernel must support it!!
      - background images and colors to my taste

1.7.1 - changed the text color a little, it looked purple to me.
      - raised the progress bar a little also instead of having it cut off.

1.7.2 - made background slightly darker.
      - updated nandroid to no longer back-up misc, recovery, splash1&2.
      - updated nandroid to properly back-up ext partition in my rom when backup+ext is chosen

1.7.3 - updated nandroid to back-up dalvik-cache if on ext partition
      - added a feature to wipe dalvik-cache on ext partition


All credits to j_r0dd