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Title: [ROM][7/3/2010] OpenCliq Eclair v2.1-R1 Spanish DEXT
Post by: ZduneX25 on July 25, 2010, 01:09:38 am
OpenCliq Eclair v2.1 R1 Spanish DEXT

This ROM is made for Spanish DEXT users only! For American Cliqs, go here (

OpenCliq Eclair v2.1-R1, Even more stable. Even Faster! All applications have been updated, on top of the new Dialer application,
Which INCLUDES AN END CALL BUTTON! OpenCliq Eclair has always been dubbed "The Fastest Eclair ROM", Now its even faster.
All Force closes have been fixed. This Update is not a required update, however, it is very much recommended that you apply!
I have removed even more bloatware, ALL non-functional applications have been removed (if you find one, report!)
Once again, Made for everyday use! LW have been updated for smoother motions! [Based from Eclair2Cliq Alpha 5]

Standard Warning:
I am in no way responsible for anything bad happening to your phone because of this ROM, Bio-Nuclear war, Bricked Devices, or Global Warming. However, if anything good happens because of this, that was me :)


Eclair2Cliq - updated to Alpha 5
     - 3.5mm Headset fix
    - LED's are functional
    - 2D Hardware Acceleration (up to 79 fps)
     - YouTube SD/YouTube HD working
     - Added Font-Size to Messaging (Cyanogen)
     - 5 Launcher screens instead of 3
New bootscreen
Live wallpapers
ASOP 2.1 Theme (stock)

Apps Added:
   Titanium Backup
   Fancy Widget
   Juice Defender
   Overclock Widget
   SIM Manager
   Wireless Tether 2.0.2
   ToggleData widget
   Google Maps 4.3.0
   Astro File Manager
   Voice Recorder
   Toggle Headset - 3.5mm Headphone Fix
   Fildo Music
   Google Earth
   Personal Portal
   VPN Support! - updated
       ...and much more!

v2.0.1 (Stability and Speed Update)
Removed bloatware
Removed non-functional apps:
      - Titanium backup (TA utility backup is still there)
     - Google Earth
     - SetCPU
Changed gallery back to "Gallery2D"

v2.1-R1 DEXT (Functionality Update)
Spanish APN's Added
Spanish Languages Included
Removed Bloatware
New Phone.apk

***FlashLite 10.1 - Youtube videos cannot be played within browser, currently looking into it. You can however, open flash-enabled websites!


v2.0.1 ROM - - online file sharing and storage - download (

Did you find any Bugs while running OpenCliq Eclair v2.1-R1? Report them Here (! :D
* Network speed depends on your current location. I say the speed in this ROM is above most because, the memory saved in the process of speeding up your entire device, leaves more memory for the applications that use the network ie. Browser, Email, etc.

* Environment speed depends on applications open, however, based on average speeds via numerous tests, the overall speed of your device running OpenCliq Eclair v2.0/v2.0.1/v2.1-R1 will be faster than most. Thanks to Hardware acceleration, and the use of applications to modify processing speeds.

Thank You

Travisjames, Barakinflorida, for allowing me to use your ROM as a base. Arayray, thank you for all the help you have given me, lets make this one even better brah! And for all of you who are gonna download, and use this or any one of my ROMs!

Credits to opencli